When does exercising stop sucking!?!?!?!?!

Exercising sucks

It doesn’t matter how fit you once were or if you never exercised a minute in your life, getting into the groove and routine of regularly working out simply sucks. There is no magic to it not sucking, there is no way around it, no secret skip ahead to the good parts, nothing but going through the process and pushing through.

That said, the process and evolution of your fitness when we do finally get back at this thing called exercise will change along the way, and can and does get better if we keep our sights set on where we want to go with this.

Honestly, amazing things are just 6 WEEKS away.

6 weeks, that is all it really takes to get some momentum, see some results, hear a few compliments, change your blood tests, shed some pounds and get in functional shape and change your health parameters and potentially your future.

This is how it usually goes….if you stick to it:

Week 1...it drags, hurts, hits below the belt, makes us want to stop.... workouts feel impossible, legs feel like they are made of stone, flexibility is shot, old injuries complain with each move, new eating plans seem impossible, hunger hormones play tricks on us (don't listen to them!), food seems bland, drinking water is a chore, this is hard! You know where you want to go with this and you start to feel the satisfaction of DOING SOMETHING and energy starts to rise, even I slowly from day one so you keep at it. Can’t quit before you even start.

Week 2: Some stamina starts to build, sweat begins to flow, still getting sore, hunger is much less but we still eat when we should, food routine seems better, seems doable, sleep improves, energy improves even more, time to get to see the chiropractor, water starts to be easier to drink, and we think to ourselves, “this IS possible.” All in all, we see progress, so on we go.

Week 3: You get up on time, more ready to go, it is easier to do your workouts and even start to push a bit, your weight is dropping, clothes fit differently, face is thinner, people notice a change, less pain, better sleep, sex life is picking up, time to get that massage (you deserve it), eating is becoming routine, starting some good supplements, you feel the, "I can do this!" Momentum is a powerful thing so we use it to our advantage.

Week 4: Workouts are starting to be fun, motivation is picking up, you can set some times on the benchmark training days, extend your time or up your intensity, ad in a weights day or stress relief cardio set, change up the eating, do some intermittent fasting, some blenderizing, maybe a healthy meal replacement, you’re not as sore, maybe even more flexible, still dropping pounds and inches, strength is going up...You feel you are moving from good to great!

Week 5: You start upping the weights, getting strong and pushing harder, sweating like a beast, you get upset if you have to miss a workout, you start experimenting with those "I hate that move" routines, your eating schedule and menu is on autopilot, you need to go clothes shopping, everyone is asking you what you are doing, you start posting workouts on facebook, you can't imagine not feeling so good ever again. You need less recovery time, less chiro care, less massage, but that doesn't mean none as it is part of the deal, things are good!

Week 6: You are cranking, up early, look forward to workouts, invite others to join in, the light at the end of the tunnel that was once a pin hole is now a flood light, it is fun to PUSH hard in the workouts, you like the feeling of being sore because you know you pushed it, eating clean is second nature and you fell like CRAP when you stray, so you don't, your body is working well, feeling well, looking well, you are an inspiration to your family, friends and co-workers, your blood tests are better, your blood pressure normal, those "normal" aches and pains are almost forgotten, people are asking you what vitamins to take...and you can tell them, you are ready to map out the next 3 months of training, eating and health improvements and set new goals that you would never had even thought of 6 weeks ago....you are a new person and love it! You are getting healthy!

Can you picture it? Feel it? See it? Want it? Good, now DO IT!!! Let me know if you need help!

Dr. Don Clum

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