Thoughts are things

Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts are not abstract, they are finite in their expression and come to life through our physiology. As much as many people talk about thoughts, thinking, internal dialog and mental processes as some sort of activity that occurs separate from our biology the truth is that thoughts are real and the process of thinking them is as tangible as a fever, blood pressure, and pain.

The emergence of the expression of a thought of any kind summates with in a very intricate symphony of biological processes and mechanisms. It is true that we do not have the exact process and order of the reactions and steps our cellular and systemic exchanges go through to produce a thought, like if the thought stimulates the biochemical changes that follow or the biochemical stimulate what becomes a thought. We do know that these details and progressions of sub-cellular on goings in the earliest formation of a single thought is truly dynamic and doesn’t come from one region of the brain or body but leverages an incalculable amount of information and cross reactions to bring these things we call thoughts to life.

Who cares?

Understanding that thoughts are things that express and grow through our biochemistry is a very powerful way to look at things differently in how we think, when and why. What this means is that the level of function in your body and cells, and the health of the sub-cellular mechanisms that support life, can influence the quantity, quality and tone of every thought we have.

Ever find yourself thinking more negative thoughts when tired? Or brainstorming more when energized or happy? Ever find yourself spiraling in negative thoughts and emotions after drinking alcohol? Or maybe after eating a whole lot of junk food? Ever notice that negative thoughts seem to call in their friends and build on you when you are feeling down? Ever feel happy and optimistic or social after a having a drink and the ideas just flow?

These are all examples of how our physiology can effect, and at times drive our thoughts.

Again, so what?

This means that by working on our physiology, by focusing on keeping our cells healthy, by being aware of how our lifestyle choices of diet, exercise and stress, can effect, influence and possibly even cause certain thoughts to be, grow, or linger.

I am all for working on how I think and feel. I meditate, do breathing work, affirmations, and try and stay positive, but I also work hard on my chemical, toxic exposure, the quality and timing of my food intake, how I move and physically exert my body and actively stimulate my mind.

In a time of growing anxiety, depression and mental distress, I believe we must try everything we can to stay ahead of these issues, prevent them and strive for the optimal environment and lifestyle to prevent them as we focus on developing optimal health, healing, aging and quality of life for ourselves and our children.

Keep an eye out for more on this and how I think the sub-cellular health of our body can be the driver of not only chronic diseases, but also heavily influence if not initiate negative thoughts and mental states.

In the meantime my friends, the mind and body, the mental health and physical health of our body and life are not separate and they both play off each other and contribute to every function and element of our health and life, do not underestimate either side of this coin.

Dr. Don

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