Internal Friction……The First Step in Healing

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cellular healing

The condition of the body, or the health of the cells, balance of the hormones, and quality of the brain chemistry is what will determine our tipping point and where our water level of our glass is, while it is the mental beliefs we have when we are confronted by any given life stress that drive our emotions and determine the result of our spillage. This is how our body physiology can set the stage for our mental reactions and outcomes to the life stress events we encounter.

It is through addressing all 4 components of this equation, at the cellular level, hormonal level, brain chemistry level, and by re-framing our expectations at the mental level that we build real-life, tangible, qualitative, resilience to stress.

The way we do this is though learning. Awareness is the first step, then we have to learn all we can so we can look at this whole thing differently and approach it from an angle that makes the most sense for each of us, according to our own values, beliefs and goals. A sick body can have sick thoughts and as we do the things day in and day out that change our habits and physiology for the better the body will heal and get healthy and strong and we then express healthier and happier thoughts. As you go through what you need to, in time you will bring back your own thinking, return to your happy, optimistic self, and when things get hard, and let’s face it, life tends to do that, then you will be in physical “shape” and have the mental strength and appropriate expectations to handle what comes your way and effectively change the physiology of stress into the biology of courage.

Imagine that you commit to this work and you apply yourself to it daily. In time as you follow your plan and keep at your goal you may even come to welcome stress and seek it out once you have seen how you can grow from it in ways that very few people can even comprehend. That my friends, is freedom. That my friends, is how I want to live. That my friends, is the legacy I want to leave for my kids and grandkids. That my friends, is what I want to offer you.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and for contributing to my evolution and growth. I appreciate you and the opportunity to share with you along the way.

We can do better! Here is to being better! Here’s to a friction-less life for us all!

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Dr. Don

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jerry - July 7, 2016

chiropractor in Maryland 21740 zip code area?
Is pork & veal a white meat?

Dr. Don Clum - July 7, 2016

You will have to look one up, or a few. What is the difference if it is white meat or not?

Dr. Don Clum - July 8, 2016

Jerry, I am looking up a chiropractor for you, should have one soon….I miss typed before, I meant that I will have to look one up, so stay tuned! Dr. Don

Dr. Don Clum - July 8, 2016

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