Get Fat to Lose Itself!

Put your fat to work to lose more weight.

Body fat is made up of fat cells, or adipose tissue. This tissue is not just some benign energy storage bank that irritates us when we look in the mirror, it is actually an endocrine gland.

Body fat plays a big role in a lot of our basic body functions. The added tissue houses miles of blood vessels that can make our heart work harder and contribute to blood pressure issues. Fat tissue also plays a big part in sequestering toxins from our body and storing them in the fat cells, this is why when you skip meals you can feel sort of shaky, nauseous, anxiety or energy swings, it is actually a detox reaction and not actually low blood sugar symptoms. We call it toxic hunger.

Fat cells are also players in insulin and can add to insulin resistance, fat cells produce 1/3 of our body’s cortisol, and fat cells are very sensitive to estrogen and testosterone as well.

Most body fat is made up of white adipose tissue. There are small pockets of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) in a few distinct parts of your body (about a tablespoons worth or a little more ideally) that are very temperature sensitive and will help regulate your body thermostat. Since raising and lowering of body temperature takes a lot of energy and hormones, that BAT can be a major endocrine player and alter your metabolism.

Here is the secret, there are small amount of BAT cells mixed into your white adipose (body fat) tissue as well. A constant exposure to insulin will make those BAT cells shrink to almost undetectable levels. When our body temperature stays constant all day and especially all night, constantly warm, then the BAT in those small distinct deposits shrink and the BAT (in the white tissue) in the presence of insulin shrinks even more and ceases to be metabolically active.

This is a potential BIG DEAL. I have written about how heat acclimation, raising the body temp up then back down multiple times can stimulate Human Growth Hormone, (HGH), which helps keep insulin low, burn white body fat, build muscle and keep us youthful looking and feeling.

Now we also know that by sleeping in a cooler room, 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and exposing the skin to colder temperatures throughout the day will actually bring back our BAT (when insulin is low as well) both physically and metabolically. This means it can help with hormonal action and has been shown to burn 250 extra calories per hour during your heat acclimation.

If you have any desire to lose weight or keep your metabolism top notch, including efforts to make sure your body fat work for you might just add the momentum your have been looking for.

1. Cut back insulin producing foods
2. Sleep in a cool room
3. Raise that core temp up and down
4. Get quality sleep

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!


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