Fiber Damage

Yes, fiber can cause damage in your body. I am not a fan of fiber, that is no secret here, but I don't want to get into it in this post.

People are making their new year's resolutions and asking about becoming fat burners, or going ketogenic or paleo and want some tips.

When you go to a higher fat, lower carb diet and you have been eating a "regular" diet or one with a good amount of fiber and you switch over your gut will have to heal from the fiber damage and in so doing if you get sluggish bowels, or some irregularity for a bit, that is NORMAL and part of healing. Don't give up because things change up a bit, they will normalize.

Oh, and if you are starting the new year fasting, like I am, or going low cal while on a keto diet.....I do NOT suggest taking any fiber to make up for any "perceived" lack or "help." Trust me, it will NOT go well.....been there.

I do not suggest ANY form of fiber supplements, but especially during a diet shift like this.

Hope it helps people, keep the questions coming and I will do my best.

Dr. Don

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