obesity epidemic

Eating More is Not the Problem

We are eating more, but that is not the real problem.

184 lbs.

This is 11 lbs less weight than the average man and 17 lbs more than the average woman's weight.

184 lbs is how much more net food Americans ate in 2000 compared to the 50's.

And if we assume the increase continues at the same rate to today from 2000 then we are looking at 242 more lbs of food consumed in 2016 than the 1950’s.

Where did that 184 lbs come from?

57 lbs came from meat, the majority increase was in chicken

120 lbs in fruits and veggies (we do 120 lbs in juice alone which should be in the sugar category, but is not, remember that)

30 lbs in fat (25 of it in vegetable oil and 12 lbs trans fats with a drop in butter and beef fat)

87.5 lbs in grains and sugar (44.5 grains/43 sugar)

The only things we ate less of were:

110 lbs less of dairy but 26 lbs MORE in low fat dairy

33% less eggs

184 lbs is half a pound of food more per day.

Is the problem that we are eating more? Many people will look at this and say "YES, obviously!" More food, more fat people, more problems. It is solved.

NO, it is not.

The weight and obesity epidemic we face now is not due to eating more. It is due to what we are eating, how and when.....not how much.

What we see here is a dramatic rise in the consumption of sugar and grains causing a surge in insulin.

We see a increase in meat with a SHIFT to leaner meats and less animal fat that leads to higher insulin secretion.

We see an increase in veggies, mostly in potatoes and juice, both crank insulin levels.

We see an increase in vegetable oil (omega 6) which when combined with high insulin sky rockets systemic inflammation and promotes insulin resistance.

We see the intake of trans fats for up by 12 lbs!!!! And this is a fat that has been regulated, and restricted by the government mandate. Trans fat promote inflammation and insulin resistance and general hormonal dysfunction.

We dropped dairy intake but in the process increased our low fat dairy consumption by 26 lbs which replaced fat with sugar which cranks insulin.

We eat 33% less eggs which were mostly a breakfast food that were replaced with cereal and milk, both major insulin and blood sugar abusers.

Americans eat 60% of their diet as processed foods and less than 1% is from vegetables.

If you take these same numbers and make them come from 70% natural whole foods and then rearrange them with the dietary breakdown of high fat, moderate protein, unlimited non-starchy vegetables and limited to no grains, sugar and starches we would se a reversal of the weight and chronic disease state we have now.....and that is without changing the amount of food.

Add into this spaces between meals starting with eating just 3 meals a day and cut the snacking and working into skipping breakfast every other day and you will see this reversal process and health promotion magnify even more.

We have a lot to lose. We need to lose weight, illness, inflammation, toxicity, and convenience eating. We need to lose the legacy of shortened lifespans filled with chronic disease and suffering that we have build for our kids. We have to lose old beliefs and deadly health and nutritional dogma.

If we can do this we also have a lot to gain, or at least restore.

The choice is literally yours each and every day, meal, and movement.

Choose wisely my friends!

Dr. Don

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