Any Idea What The Courage Hormone Is?
The hormone that makes us brave?When I first read about the description for this hormone I thought first of testosterone,[...]
Is cancer genetic?
It appears......not.When you transplant healthy genes into a cancer cell it still produces more cancer cells when it divides. AND[...]
My Ethical Issue With Reduction vs. Elimination In Dietary Recommendations.
Just about every standard diet around or that has ever been proposed have all used the same model and construct[...]
So many men are failing the test!
Low testosterone.It is becoming rampant and our men's health is paying the price. It has been estimated that men today[...]
Thoughts Are Things
Thoughts are not abstract, they are finite in their expression and come to life through our physiology. As much as[...]
Health, Weight Loss and Medicine no Longer Have Rules, Only Exceptions
I love to study the development of this species we now call human. I read book after book on how[...]
When does exercising stop sucking!?!?!?!?!
It doesn’t matter how fit you once were or if you never exercised a minute in your life, getting into[...]
Internal Friction……The First Step in Healing
Part 5 of 5 The condition of the body, or the health of the cells, balance of the hormones, and[...]
Internal Friction…….Hijacked Hormones and Brain Chemistry
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Internal Friction…..The Tipping Point
Part 3 of 5 I believe there is the tipping point. Our internal frictions, both mental and physical are what[...]
Internal Friction…..WHY?
Part 2 of 5 Why is it that one stress can roll right off your back while that same stress[...]
Internal friction
Part 1 of 5I am currently pursing my PhD in Health Psychology focusing on this process specifically, but I am[...]
Visceral Fat is NOT Dangerous
Yes, you read that right.And yes, I have repeatedly written to you about how dangerous and disease promoting visceral fat[...]
Feeling the Fast
Fasting is getting more and more attention as word gets out on all of the health benefits that can come[...]
Protein Is Time Released Sugar
The human body has no trouble making all the sugar it needs on a daily basis. Within our liver we[...]
Number One Contributor To Your Health
The number one contributor to our society's health is not stress, it is selfishness.This is a rant, be forewarned.Why do[...]