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What is a Wellness Tribe?

What is a “Wellness Tribe?”

“Did he say tribe?  Yes he did!"

Why a Tribe? Why not a group, community, or family?

There is something more primal about a tribe. There is a deeper connectedness that is associated with a tribe. Your tribe is of like mind, similar in vision, and comparable in commitment.

Far too often we hear the line, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I disagree. A village, or a community, is not tight enough for the fabric I see needed to support my children and family as they grow and learn.

The members of a tribe are not there by proximity, they were not born into the group, but rather they chose it. Choice is a powerful thing that we hold great respect for and cherish in all aspects of our lives and a tribe represents a clear choice.

Members of a tribe seek out those they wish to associate with. Each member of a tribe weaves their own strengths and abilities into the larger mission of the tribe they gravitate to and make it and each member of that tribe stronger.

My tribe is made up of people who “get” and appreciate me. Each and every tribe member is free to leave at any moment and that raises the value of their presence to the rest of the tribe and helps keep others accountable and in the moment where exponential growth lives.

You are attracted to be a part of a tribe. You don’t join it like you might a community or a group. A tribe does not give you status or make you better, it just shows that you want something more, and you want to become better.

A tribe is not something you put your faith in but rather something you trust because it makes sense to you, right here, and right now. The tribal connection is a feeling, a knowing, and represents a commitment to others and to yourself that many are looking for, but not all.

So, yes, you heard me right, I am looking to build a tribe. I am hoping to be part of your tribe and hope you can find a home here in Your Wellness Tribe with all of us.

Welcome my friends, you have come to the right place, it is great to have you with us. Great things are in process, come play with us!

Drs. Don and Dana Clum … tell a friend.