Triglycerides: The Fat on Your Butt

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Dr. Don Clum here and today we're going to talk about triglycerides the fat that's on your butt and also in your blood. I've got a lot of questions of this coming up recently going to start my timer here and I want to go through it because we look at things a little bit differently so let's go into what are these triglycerides what do they do to me my body and my health. Let's take a look triglycerides a very misunderstood or at least a story about them gets very misunderstood as people tell them. What happens is we different foods this is you eating some foods here or me whoever it goes down into our system and it hits our stomach. Right, it's our stomach right here our stomach there breaks things down into some big pieces but pretty small compared to what we just ate so we break some things down like a trash compactor and they put it into these purple squigglies that's our small intestines. We've gone over this in other videos the small intestines break things down into even smaller pieces as small as they can go.

So it'll break down proteins into amino acids it'll break down carbohydrates into glucose and fiber it will break down fats into free fatty acids and then minerals and vitamins and everything else that comes in. Very small pieces those small pieces then go into the liver and they go through the liver like water through a sponge and the liver does all those things and reacts and sets off the metabolic system based on what's coming through. And then deliver then after it's filtered that those small small pieces they put send them into the blood. That's how all of that stuff gets into our blood right that's the idea gets into our blood in the form of amino acids fatty acids glucose and things like the vitamins and minerals. That all goes in there but here's the deal, fats that we eat and the fact that we we're start off in the form of free fatty acids even if you eat a steak or you need some butter or eat some coconut oil or anything it's a whole fat. It doesn't go into our system or a body as a whole fat because of this process it gets broken down into the small pieces so we can get into the blood and then the blood can send those small pieces of nutrition of vitamins of minerals of building blocks like amino acids and fatty acids to every part of the body.

You can see it goes into the blood here the bloods connected to the heart the heart is your pump pumping it through it goes down your legs and back goes up to your arms up into your head your blood goes all around and those little pieces go and nourish every part of your body. Here's the deal three fatty acids are the ideal form of energy in our body even for our brain. The glucose dependence brain Concepts we got to calm that down and back that off because it's not a fun percent true free fatty acid steal every element our body they build our most sensitive organs like our brain like our liver like other organs every cell membrane that wraps up all the 70 trillion cells of our body are made from free fatty acids. They're pretty great they're the ideal energy. But here's the kicker, when that's in our system and you have insulin on top of that as in from the food you ate or from the activities or lifestyle that you're living insulin goes up when there's free fatty acid something starts to change. Because we know that insulin is the master control hormone for energy storage. As in making fat to put on our body or be in our blood so what happens is when there's insulin present those free fatty acids don't just float around freely they get bunched up into what's called triglycerides.

All right, those get bunched up and here they are right here this is a triglyceride tri as in three fatty acids bound by one glycerol or sugar or modified sugar tri glyceride now that goes to your system and it gets stored directly in your butt fat. Like I mentioned wherever you store fat in your body that's how it goes goes and gets broken down and gets stored in there because it's in a storage form because insulin is on the scene alright when that happens it doesn't matter whether you're free fatty acids are coming from your food or if they were coming off your body fat as if you were trying to exercise work out eat better have an insulin friendly diet. When those are in your system and insulin shows up those free fatty acids that were being used for energy in the ideal energy for your entire body metabolism brain and everything. Now get repackaged into triglycerides that can sit around through your system and end up in our fat butt fat belly fat like that arm fat it doesn't matter what kind it is - that's how its get there but it also ends up in our hearts as well triglycerides when you go to a biometric event for work or you go to your doctor's and they do a physical.

They take your blood right they go through chemistry blood sugar and triglycerides this is a risk factor that can help that can promote fat building up on your heart making it work harder making it sick it also is what insulin also what promotes and triglyceride the fat on our body. Making us overweight eventually obese and so forth it goes all through the body and it can also go up those fats can also go up into the brain. Where they can cause problems that are like stroke and like other issues dementia because of this hormone insulin. So if you don't like all those fats in your blood on your triglyceride numbers or on your body as in your butt fat you need to reverse this process. Okay, you need to get insulin off the scene take that factor out of the out of the equation and those free fatty acids will stay as free fatty acids they will not bind together to make a triglyceride and then it'll go through your system you use them for energy. And as you do it doesn't matter whether that fat that would be turn into free fatty acids are coming from your food or from your body your body will use the same and start pulling it off that's how we actually liberate the fat from our body.

From our butt fat belly fat and so forth we need to have very low insulin exposure. And then it'll turn us off they won't form they'll be released the actual reverse process goes it unbinds these out of our into our blood and then a whole body uses the free fatty acids for energy. And that's how it works all right so what's a good take away a lot of you out there get those blood tests once a year twice a year or so forth. Triglycerides the number of triglycerides correlate very well with your insulin level. If you have a high insulin exposure from your diet from the way you work out or from your lifestyle and stress and so forth then you're going to have more triglycerides so when you get that number on your blood test if you have triglycerides that are high in my opinion anything over ninety or definitely over a hundred the medical cutoff is like 150. Then you know that there's a high level of insulin and if you're trying to lose weight and then burn the fat off your body become an efficient fat-burner stop being a sugar burner reverse the metabolic conditions like metabolic syndrome insulin resistance type 2 diabetes cardiomegaly issues are come from high insulin you got to bring that insulin level down. Alright, so the other test you can go in and get a fasting insulin test but if you can't do that right now you want to go back through your blood test just look hide reckless rides you know you get high influence on the scene because influence what makes that free fatty acid in your blood turn into a triglyceride that gets stuck in your butt.

Get stuck in your heart gets stuck in your brain it can cause problems. Now I hope that helped out if you did like it comment share you can go to our website my website is get more information and sign up for our goodie free goodies there in the meantime and if you have any direct questions feel free to message me here on Facebook and we can get to that directly. I hope that helps I hope it gives you a better perspective on triglycerides and we can go from there. Thank you very much

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