Stress Has Received A Bad Rap

As it turns out the most deleterious result from stress comes before the stress occurs and depends on how you view stress, be it harmful to your health or not.

Stress promotes better resiliency, and the absence of stress could be argued to promote emotional instability.

Another big mistake around the concept of stress is that people assume there is only one stress response, fight or flight. They think that cortisol is the enemy and what results form their daily stress.

The truth is that stress can trigger a whole myriad of responses mediated by a whole slew of different hormones.

Many stress responses actually set our physiology up for learning, appreciation, growing, bonding, and literally being happier.

And believe it or not the more stressed people report to being the more money they make, the more happy the report being, the more meaning they say they have in their life, the longer they live, the more productive they are, and the healthier they are as well.

If there is a killer side of stress it is not the stress itself but how we perceive stress to effect us well before the stress shows up. It is our thinking and framework around stress that determines the outcome when it does show up.

In this light I think none of us feel we can eliminate stress from our lives and I believe that trying to do so would make us worse.

In that light I say bring it on, here's to growing stronger and more resilient to stress and enjoying all that comes from that!

Rise to the challenge my friends!

Dr. Don

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Dr. Don Clum

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