Still eating multiple meals and snacks every day?

Why? It really could be causing hormonal harm and weight gain as it shortens your life span.

I can find NO BENEFIT from this new age 5-7 eating time concept at all, but a lot of potential detriment.

Snacking was invented by the snack food companies just like the phrase, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," was made by the cereal people.

By snacking you are raising your blood glucose and insulin levels in between meals. Since blood glucose lowers after eating faster than insulin, by the time your next meal or snack comes around it has not come back to baseline and gets bumped up again with the next feeding only to end the day way higher than baseline and will slowly START to truly come down as you sleep....not good.

Our insulin response is stronger at night naturally, at least post sunset, and stacking this beachball at a concert effect of bouncing insulin up continuously during the day with multiple eating times then you get a double whammy in the early to late evening keeping insulin abnormally high as you go to bed.

Insulin is the entry level, gateway hormonal disrupter and will push back normal hormonal cascades to later in the evening as it lowers. This can magnify the 2-4 am wake up with wide eyes effect, and the drag out of bed in the morning syndrome....or just keep one tossing and turning and get simple a bad nights sleep. Since healing, repair, detox, and hormonal reset happens while we get quality sleep.....this is not good.

And insulin at the end of the day is the signaler for fat gain and keeping fat form coming want that guy lingering at your hormonal party?

So what can I do Doc?

Minimal change:
- Switch to 3 meals a day

Intermediate change:
- Skip breakfast every other day

Advanced option:
- Eat only breakfast and a late lunch 3 days a week

Go getter next steps:

- alternate day fasting
- extended day fasting
- going high fat low to no carb in cycles

Once hormones and insulin/weight are at a better place, go back to the first 3 progression options.

Let me know how it goes!

Dr. Don

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Dr. Don Clum

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