The second half of the insulin equation.

Exercising sucks

Only 50% of your insulin exposure is due directly to what you eat, carbs or protein.

The other 50% is your baseline fasting insulin number. This insulin level accumulates throughout the day from the 2 different phases mentioned yesterday in the insulin response and then depending on one's level of insulin resistance, hangs out over night when it should go down.

This is why that fasting insulin number is important:

When you eat, your insulin goes up from the food 6-7 times....that it 6-7x, or 600-700%.

So, if your fasting blood glucose number is 15, which medically speaking is in the "normal range", which is 25 or under......but when you eat that number can shoot up to 105.... each time you eat.

If your fasting insulin level is 2, then it can go up to a whopping 14. Which is still much lower that the high end of the "medical normal."

This fasting insulin part of the equation is what will drive the resistance to insulin and steadily build that fasting number as you eat high insulin producing foods, eat more frequently, and do not exercise regularly. AND as it does that fasting level will gradually go up and up and therefor snowball that fasting insulin level higher and then.......repeat.

So, in this model your peak meal insulin spike is determined by WHAT you eat. Carbs promote the phase 2 and a higher insulin exposure and protein promote phase one which goes higher faster but comes down to normal limiting overall insulin exposure. Processed foods, carbs or protein, both seem to stimulate phase 2 insulin release and do so more than natural foods.

The other 50% is magnified by what you eat, but is compounded by WHEN you eat. Eating multiple meals and snacks a day really crank this whole development of insulin resistance process up into high gear.

The third element, the one I have not gone into yet, is the effect that exercise can have on your hormones, ability to make energy, and metabolic flexibility in this process. That is for another post, but know that we NEED to exercise, both cardio style and intensity (weights).

Remember my friends, just getting your blood sugar into a normal range will not reverse your diabetes or prevent it. This whole mechanism needs to be improved, rebuilt so to speak, and it can be, but it takes more effort, time and a plan. BUT it must be done to escape this problem of insulin resistance and all that follows.....diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, Alzheimer's, etc.

You can do this, and understanding this better is the first step. The second step is to buy a glucometer at your local pharmacy and TEST YOUR MORNING FASTING BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS!

We can do better my friends!

Dr. Don

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