Post workout shake for insulin release lore


Theory: "Insulin is anabolic, and when released post workout stimulates muscle growth. Therefore you should make sure you have simple carbs (sugar) post workout to enhance this."

Ever heard this? I did at the gym last night. Here are my thoughts and the reason I DO NOT do this or recommend it.

Insulin is anabolic, as in tissue building, but the tissue it has the greatest effect on for growth is FAT. When insulin is on the scene you will gain fat mass or prevent fat from coming off.

When you workout you breakdown muscle and cause inflammation, ideally not too much as in rhabdomyolysis or systemic inflammation.

When this happens the proteins of your muscle that are damaged breakdown to amino acids and circulate into your system. These amino acids will stimulate insulin to be released, just enough insulin to recycle that protein or rebuild from what you have in you from your diet already. Those damaged proteins, those amino acids do not go away or disappear. The body is smart and will re-use them according to what is ideal for you.

Drinking a huge amount of protein powder (over 5 grams) post workout while this process is going on will stimulate insulin, especially whey protein. Taking branch chain amino acids (BCAA') will also stimulate insulin. Drinking processed or isolated sugar in any form will crank insulin (yes, even fructose).

This process will be magnified if you are tired or dehydrated.

This spike in insulin and the resulting presence of insulin in your system for the hours to come will force you into sugar burning mode and sugar storing mode (fat/triglycerides). You will not shift back to full fat burning (mildly ketogenic) or even liberate free fatty acids for hours to potentially days later. HGH will go down, cortisol will go up, testosterone will go down.

As this happens your sympathetic stress response will be activated, recovery will not be all it can be, and once again you will stress your liver and promote accelerated aging.

All for what? An old gym concept that started with bodybuilders who were taking massive amounts of anabolic steroids? Not exactly applicable in my world and most likely yours......never mind even close to being healthy.

My suggested pre workout drink....water, during workout drink (if needed) workout drink....water.

Just my 2 cents.

Dr. Don

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