What Does Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes Have in Common According To

American College of Endocrinology
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
American College of Sports Medicine
American Diabetes Association
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
North Association for the Study of Obesity
American Society for Clinical Nutrition
American Dietetic Association
Surgeon General's Office
American Heart Association
Consensus Panel on Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health

Insulin Resistance. A hormonal problem.

What is each of their suggested first efforts in improving these issues?

Lifestyle, namely changes in diet, physical activity, and stress management.

As for their diet recommendations, what do they suggest and mention?
Low calorie, low fat (I am not a fan)
Low Glycemic Index/load
Low total carb
Very Low Energy Diets (Pseudo Fasting)
Even high protein diets

As for their exercise recommendations, what do they suggest and recommend?
Increased physical activity
Cardio workouts
Weight lifting
Intensity training

As for stress management what do they mention?
Habit Change

My point my friends, what we do and recommend to people here and in our programs, either one on one or in population health, is not all that fringe but rather being noticed and mentioned by the most conventional health and medical groups in their position statements.

My hat is off to many of them for even going into some of these concepts that they would have never touched even 5-10 years ago.

Do they have more ground to cover to catch up, YES. Does this mean that the average medical doctor or health care professional out there knows, accepts and incorporates this stuff in practice, NO.

But it does mean progress and that we are going in the right direction. Join us and help yourself and help us lead this wave of advanced health strategies and opportunities!

Be well my friends!
Dr. Don

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Dr. Don Clum

I consult and create custom lifestyle centered strategy programs for people looking to improve their health. My programs are lifestyle centered and we leverage as many areas of a person's lifestyle that they are willing to include, such as:
 Diet and nutrition
, Exercise and physical activity, Stress Resilience
, Sleep enhancement

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