What is the number one predictor of a successful weight loss program or effort?

If hunger nags on any particular program, then the likelihood of success drops dramatically. When intense hunger hits we have seen people drop an entire program within days, or even on the first day.

The truth is, what people feel and think is hunger driving their eating really isn't.

Hunger is a hormonal response, not a caloric response, that is triggered via a group of specific metabolic pathways that respond to eating fat and protein and is highly connect to the thirst response.

There is no such thing as acute hunger. True hunger takes time to come on and when it does it does so gradually and does not make us feel sluggish, get stomach pains, make us light headed, shaky, give us a headache, or make us anxious.

If you feel any or all of those things when you skip a meal or snack, it is important to know that it is not true hunger. What you are feeling is what we call, "a need to eat," or a false hunger.

It is this uncomfortable, distracting sensation that is mostly responsible for forcing people to break their new eating programs, diets, or weight loss attempt.

The Need to Eat pathway is controlled by a completely different mechanism pathway, and not the hunger/thirst pathway, called the endorphin pathway. This pathway is stimulated by eating sugar/grains. This pathway lives in your brain and is mediated by dopamine, not your stomach or intestines like hunger.

This dopamine pathway is the same one triggered in addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and so on. When this pathway is on full swing from your diet it is very hard to make any changes and get free.....for some near impossible and is always activated in obesity. One can not gain the fat seen in obesity by only stimulating the hunger pathway, you need sugar/grains and this endorphin pathway to be activated to reach obesity.

AND, obese or not, if you want to lose weight, you HAVE to down-regulate this endorphin pathway and get the sugar addiction cycle under control or you will feel "hungry" and ruin your chances of success.

Here are 3 steps to do this in phases:
1. Add healthy fat to each meal for a while
2. Shift to eating only 3 meals and cut snacking if you do it
3. Cut grains then sugar

Supportive tips:
1. Short intense exercise 30 minutes before a meal (like 6 minutes)
2. Drink lots of water and use whole sea salt liberally
3. Focus on the means over the end and set lofty goals

Follow the phases and you will have the least impact on false hunger and as that endorphin cycle loosens it's grip on you and hunger stops driving your actions and is almost gone, then you can dive into some advanced concepts of rotational eating, modified fasting, and advanced eating combinations and push further.

Dr. Don

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Dr. Don Clum

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