What Links Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Weight Gain, and Addiction Together?


The answer, opiates. That's right, opiates, as in opium, morphine, Oxycontin and more. Many people reading this post who suffer with any of these chronic issues will probably be confused thinking they have never used or sparsely used any of those opiates for medical purposes.

The KILLER opiate that I left off that list, the opiate that truly is linking all of those conditions and many more hormonal issues, digestive disorders and brain cell damage together is Gliadin.

Never heard of it? Yeah, that is part of the problem. Gliadin is a nasty little protein component of Gluten has been bred into a powerful little opiate receptor binder in our brain.

In our breeding and cross-breeding of wheat crops we have managed to create this mutant version of gliadin, as well as nasty little biological disruptors like wheat lectins that mess with the intestinal absorption, amylopectin A that sky rockets our blood sugars and insulin, and alpha amylase that is generating new allergies thanks to modern wheat.

Here is how I think it all ties together. Gliadin is consumed in wheat products, grains, breads, fours, pasta and processed foods multiple time a day, daily, or on a near daily basis.

Continued exposure to gliadin (opiates) binds and stimulates and eventually blocks the opiate receptors in the brain. The "high" is not that of euphoria but rather hunger and the eating, or next hit of gliadin brings the satisfaction feeling and the cycle is repeated. Since endorphins, or the natural "feel good," neurotransmitters in your brain work (as outlined in medical journal, Functional Neuroscience, 2000), by binding in our opiate receptors the pleasure of eating wheat products starts to diminish, thus creating the need to eat more, and more and....yup addiction.

Also you will have competition for the natural and medication opiate sites to relieve pain and create an increased need for more of those medical opiates to do the trick. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, 2003, this is what sets the stage for opiate induced pain hyper-sensitivity.

Basically you are blocking these receptors to the point that you need more and more meds to take the pain away (if they even can) and your overall pain threshold will go down making your pain worse and the stimulation of new pain issues easier...hyper-sensitivity....as in fibromyalgia, chronic pain, arthritis and more.

Dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that are associated in depression, anxiety, mood, sleep and much more get thrown off as well with this chronic Gliadin (opiate) exposure.

Testosterone, estrogen as well as our hormones that cause hunger and satiation or feeling full after eating are just a few that get out of whack in the process causing energy issues, sexual dysfunction and libido problems, osteoporosis, infertility, and can lead to excessive weight gain and decreased benefit from exercise along with a long ugly list of other symptoms as outlined by the Rapid Drug Detox Center in their literature.

So you can see that this little, rarely spoken about opiate can play as huge role in our health. In fact, they have even done experiments giving people the non-euphoric opiate medication naloxone (a medication used in opiate addiction recovery) and saw a decrease in hunger, eating and overall cravings for wheat products.

In fact, Gliadin alters the average Americans eating/hunger habits to the tone of 440 calories of extra food per day! That is over 45 lbs of fat per year! And people wonder why it gets harder and harder to loose weight or keep it off as time goes on.....it is not age related, it is due to a food grade opiate addiction reaction!

In our clinical experience it takes a solid 3 to 5 days of avoiding wheat (and all grains for that matter) to break the cycle and stop the cravings. If you cut sugars, processed foods, MSG and crank up the veggies, apple cider vinegar and water you can do it in 2-3 days effectively.

Bottom line, it can and honestly MUST be done to be healthy.

You can do it! Plans and programs to help make a HUGE difference, contact us and we will get you rolling!

Eat well my friends!

Dr. Don

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