Did you know that consuming protein stops a big part of the detoxification process?

So, now we know that insulin stimulated by sugar, grains, starches, processed food, powdered protein, and whole protein to a lesser extent and will turn off the utilization of fat for energy within each cell of the human body.

This in turn drives the sugar addiction/endorphin pathway and fuels oxidative stress due to the significant free radical load produced by sugar burning compared to fat (50 to 1) and that in turn is the foundation for systemic inflammation that contributes to every chronic disease known.

AND, protein by stimulating Mtor when consumed stops the powerful detoxification process by inhibiting what is called phagocytosis.

Both insulin and Mtor when chronically stimulated will turn off our longevity genes and our disease defense genes and effectively speed up our aging process.

So, for all you intermittent fasters out there, if you want a jump start on your detox process while doing the IF stick to fibrous veggies and fat for your last meal prior to the overnight fast.

Now I guess there are 3 hormones we can activate nearly 24/7 through lifestyle, insulin, cortisol and Mtor.

Be smart out there people!

Dr. Don

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