Insulin Makes You Fat

Insulin and extra sugar. Period. NOT calories.

If you need proof, just search the web for pictures of untreated type one diabetics. They are dangerously thin, with no fat, and even lose their essential fat stores as they waste away.

Why? Because type one diabetics do not make, or make very little, insulin. They can eat, eat as much as they want, what they want, and they will not gain weight and still lose fat.

On the other hand, I can make anyone get fat, and fast. All you have to do is give them......yup, insulin. Type one diabetics and type 2's that end up on insulin know that if they get that dosage wrong....bam! They get fat, and fast.....independent of what they eat.

Now for the rest of us.

If you eat a very low insulin producing diet, you can not gain fat, even if you over eat, a lot. In this case, calories do not matter. You can eat 1,000 extra calories per day. 3,500 calories is the amount supposedly in one lb of fat, and at the end of the week eating this excess food in this way you will not have gained 2 lbs, you might even lose weight if you had excess body fat to burn, if you keep it insulin friendly.

They have researched and tested the calories in vs. calories out for decades, hundreds if not thousands of times and it has NEVER, not once, produced the predictable, repeatable fat gain....or loss when on a diet, that the calorie theory says will happen.

It doesn't work that way, pure and simple.

Now, anyone who has gone on a traditional low calorie diet knows that you can lose some first, and then at some point, even though you are eating less calories than you "need" you stop losing weight. In time, even as you restrict eating further, you still do not lose weight and you might even start to gain some.


I know it does. I have been there. I have worked with many patients through that miserable process and I have read the thousands of pages of research using this model that shows the same process. And I have learned why this is a flawed model and found a better one.

In time people gain the weight back, and many gain back more.

I call this process the diet of "Reduction vs. Elimination." This is the well documented path of the Energy Balance Theory of weight loss and obesity.
AND it is flawed if not completely wrong.

AND it is the single most used and recommended weight reduction process in the world. It is what your government suggests, your weight loss groups, and your doctor tells you.

As people use this model our populations are getting fatter and DOES NOT WORK!

There is a better way. It is called the Hormonal Theory of Weight Loss and Obesity.

Insulin is a hormone. It is the key hormone in weight issues, and as it turns out, it is key in chronic health issues as well. It also is the gateway hormonal problem that messes with all our other hormones.

What can I do?
1. Stop looking at weight as a calorie issue.
2. Eat a low insulin producing diet
3. Get metabolically flexible (glycogen) that means exercise
4. Manage your stress and build resiliency to it.
5. Mind your neurological tone (very important)

This is a life changer my friends. Keep an eye out, more to come.

Dr. Don

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Dr. Don Clum

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