I lost weight

“As a cardiologist when I heard I had developed metabolic syndrome I knew just what that meant. And I thought I knew how to fix it, but I didn’t.  I thought I knew all there was to know about weight loss and metabolic heart health, but I didn’t. Actually I learned a lot and had to ignore some of what I thought I knew! So I did what the good Dr. Clum said and it worked. I lost weight, I reversed my metabolic syndrome, I changed my lifestyle, feel great and really wish I learned this stuff in medical school!  Thanks Dr. Clum”

Dr. Don Clum

I consult and create custom lifestyle centered strategy programs for people looking to improve their health. My programs are lifestyle centered and we leverage as many areas of a person's lifestyle that they are willing to include, such as:
 Diet and nutrition
, Exercise and physical activity, Stress Resilience
, Sleep enhancement

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