GUARANTEED decrease in body fat percentage


GUARANTEED decrease in body fat percentage, decrease in visceral fat level, and increase in lean muscle mass.....IN 7 DAYS!......or triple your money back!!

No medications, no supplements, no change in your diet, no change in your exercise, no special foods, no can literally do this with your eyes closed!

Here's the program:


Don't just wish for sleep. Don't just assume you are sleeping well either. And definitely don't give up hope that you CAN sleep better.

Look, just make a plan to improve your sleep, and invest a little time and effort in your plan, stick to the plan, and do it RELIGIOUSLY for 7 days.

Proof: = TEST

Before you start:

  1. Weigh in, use a scale that gives your body fat, lean mass, and visceral fat %'s.....if you don't have one....get one, they cost like $20 these days.
  2. Measure your waist right at the belly button line.
  3. Buy a blood glucose tester (again, like 20$, or ask your health care professional for a free one), and test your morning blood glucose levels before eating.
  4. Just for fun, and not to share....take a picture of your face in the morning to compare with the morning of the 8th day. Once with eyes open and once closed.

My 12 Step Plan For Sleep Recovery:

  1. No caffeine after 3 pm
  2. Drink 3 liters of water per day
  3. Add EXTRA sea salt to all food you eat
  4. De-clutter your bedroom
  5. Make sure the room is DARK
  6. Stop all electronics at LEAST 30 minutes (60 is better) before you lay down to go to sleep.
  7. Take a cold shower in the morning.
  8. Wear comfy bed clothes
  9. Keep the room 67 degrees or lower at night
  10. Drink a warm herbal tea (camomile is my favorite....and no caffeine) one hour before bed.
  11. Take 3 minutes, just 3 minutes and breathe in for a 5 second count and breath out for a 5 second count in a quiet place while sitting and calm.....suggested 2 hours before bed.
  12. Add one whole avocado to your daily food in any way you like. that a special food?

Take one day to plan, prep, start a journal, and make sure you set yourself up for success and start fully ready.

Then do this no matter what for the next 7 days. NO MATTER WHAT!

Report back to me here, or in a private message what the outcome is.

Oh, and the cost for the program.....$0.00. And I don't take checks, and it must be paid in full prior to starting. No refunds for partial completion, but I will personally triple the fee for those who do it all and do not see the results promised.

Do not take this lightly, give it a try.....then tell me how great my plan is!!!!! haha.....but really, don't forget that part.

Here is to magical sleep my dear friends!

Dr. Don

P.S. Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING? Feel like you've been let down? I understand! If you want to see if I can personally help you in your health journey... schedule a call with me and let's discuss what you've been through and where you are now... where you want to get... and how I can help you get there.​ >> CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE PHONE CALL WITH ME <<

Dr. Don Clum

I consult and create custom lifestyle centered strategy programs for people looking to improve their health. My programs are lifestyle centered and we leverage as many areas of a person's lifestyle that they are willing to include, such as:
 Diet and nutrition
, Exercise and physical activity, Stress Resilience
, Sleep enhancement

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