I got my life back

“Fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, depression, that’s what I was told I had. As it turns out I had severe carbon-monoxide and heavy metal toxicity! I was in bad shape and turned to Dr. Clum who lovingly pushed me to rebuild myself.  I say pushed me because it was hard, I had no energy and he would literally walk me through a workout, I hated it, I cried, but I got through it and felt great for days!  I changed my diet, learned about supplements, and got under chiropractic care, did his metabolic workouts, and worked on me and I got better, I got my life back.”
Dr. Don Clum

I consult and create custom lifestyle centered strategy programs for people looking to improve their health. My programs are lifestyle centered and we leverage as many areas of a person's lifestyle that they are willing to include, such as:
 Diet and nutrition
, Exercise and physical activity, Stress Resilience
, Sleep enhancement

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