Food addiction IS real


People get upset with me occasionally when I compare food or sugar addiction with substance addiction.

So, I will start this off by saying no, they are not the same, but they do share some of the basics of physiological addiction and most of the psychological elements, and for many food addiction can be just as hard to beat while culturally it can be much harder.

One of the differences between food and addictive substances like alcohol and drugs, is that you need food to live and if you get too much alcohol or drugs you die.

So, to say we have always needed food is accurate, but it is only until the more recent modification of what once was food into what is now processed food like products that we see food addiction sky rocket and chronic diseases and mental health issues along with it.

We have changed food so much in our attempt to make it keep longer in our pantry, to enable us to freeze it, to make ready to eat meals, and in making it into one step convenience foods that the end product is more like a drug than a food.

If anyone has seen Breaking Bad then they know the concept of a meth lab where they make one of the most addictive and dangerous illegal drugs out there called crystal meth. People seem to get the process involved in taking what might appear as normal random materials and fusing them with chemicals and heat and pressure to churn out a condensed powerful product called crystal meth.

The truth is, making processed foods is even more complicated. Just in making vegetable oil or sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup involves a lab with more steps, controls, and chemical processes than making meth.

Processed food is made in a lab and everything from the texture, smell, taste to the color and nutrient breakdown is MADE through a chemical process using mostly synthetic ingredients and by products of what once was food.

When we eat it, it hits our body as strong as a drug does activating all the wrong mechanisms, causing damage, and building the pathway of addiction. The only thing it lacks is the high.....but many would argue that they do have a high, but I am not going there today.

Want to test this hypothesis of processed food addiction? Try coming off all processed foods for 3 full days. Keep a journal and note what changes you see and feel, how you sleep, energy levels, mood, bathroom changes, hunger levels, and other mental and physical changes. Report back what you see and feel and if you could get through it. It is just 3 days.

Want real proof?......have your whole family go off processed foods for 3 days, including your kids and see what comes up for you all.

Awareness is key and the first step. Share you thoughts and experiences here if you feel moved.

I look forward to hearing from you my friends!

Dr. Don

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