How EXACTLY Do I Lower My Triglycerides?

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Hello everybody out there this is Dr. Don Clum with doing a quick follow-up video in my last video on triglycerides. I got some private message and personal messages directly to me asking for more specifics on how to lower the triglycerides. Got it loud and clear let me see what I can do for you. Here's just a quick recap diet any kind of fat dietary stuff from what you eat or taking body fat off your body as in weight loss effort creates free fatty acids. Right, that's what they create that's what floats around in our system free fatty acids or dietary and body fat in your system plus insulin equals triglycerides. And as these triglycerides are raised your triglyceride number in your blood then also go and get put onto your body as body fat and also clogs your heart and clogs your brain and raises those risk factors as well. So free fatty acids or fat plus insulin equals triglycerides then the question becomes okay we talked before we had to lower our insulin.

How do we do that let me give you the exact ways one is you got to cut out the sugar. You have to cut out the sugar anything that stimulates insulin especially from the diet will compound this equation. So sugar that sugary sweets says added sugars that sugar syrups there's all sorts of things that are out there sugary drinks gotta get rid of them. Number two grains, grains anything made into a flour but especially wheat and other grains raise insulin levels a lot they also raise blood glucose but other flours like coconut like all the flour may not raise blood glucose as much but they still raise insulin they are super sugars in my opinion. So watch out for them and then you have processed foods the nature the process of processing foods puts it into a denature or broken-down or artificial type of substance a powder that gets made into different foods as preservatives chemicals the body reads all of that and it makes it rises insulin. So you want to cut down your insulin exposure your biggest bank for your buck cut down or out the sugars the grains in the processed foods. Okay, cuz why, why do you want to do that because of the triglycerides. So not only well all of these foods raise your insulin and then turn the fat in your system and the fat that's coming off your body back into triglycerides to store on our body and raise our health risks.

And when that happens it raises your blood numbers so your triglycerides on your blood test from your doctor go up. It raises our body fat and as well our visceral fat the dangerous fat around our organs and it raises our health risks for heart attacks and in a brain for stroke. That's not a good thing we don't want these triglycerides up and again insulin and triglycerides they're connected if these are high you know this is high too. So if you have hydrochloride you know this is going on that means you got to cut this stuff out otherwise all of this will come from it. You follow me so what extra take away is the sugar the grains the processed foods that in our system raise insulin which we don't want to do are magnified significantly either raising or lowering them by lifestyle. So in here if you're not exercising and moving the reason exercising moving your body. Helps with this is it burn the extra movement burns off the extra system extra sugar in your system. That sugar just gets burned down even on a long walk or even on some yoga or gardening in your garden and working outside will start that extra sugar burn off brings down the insulin. It also opens up space to store sugar in your muscles because you're getting more fit and that also will bring down the blood sugar that will bring down the insulin.

And also if you do intensity work and you do weight lifting we do some kind of interval type stuff you will raise human growth hormone which will in turn bring down insulin. All right, very important thing they all compound together another video we're going to do is how cortisol or the stress hormone piggybanks with insulin the storage hormone and helps promote weight gain inflammation all sorts of that. Now but to the bonus section that we're talking about what is the worst food combination for health and for waking. So what's the most fattening food combination one of the stores our health the most. Bottom line is when you eat fat we sugar that's it my friends fat and sugar you can eat pure fat you won't put on fat okay you see pure fat pure sugar we'll put on fat because of the way it affects insulin. But you put those two together at the same meal as any some that has fat and sugar then both of you putting a whole lot of free fatty acids in the system and a hold on insulin that's going to create a whole lot of triglyceride and a whole lot of weight.

You follow me that's you want to you don't want fat and sugar at the same time so think of donuts. Right, there deep-fried in fact they're made of grains they're covered in sugar terrible combination you follow me terrible terrible combination. There's all sorts of that we can list down but anything any bread product that's why they get compounded for their negative impact is that's because their grain through how they're made. And they affect the negative fat and the negative sugar together. Now one step further I'll give you one more step. What's the worst kind of fat to combine with the worst kind of sugar to compound this effort it's right here vegetable oil, omega 6 man made vegetable corn oil safflower sunflower oil vegetable oil soy oil all of those man-made oils they magnify this process. Vegetable is the worst fat in general but also when you come combined it with sugar and the worst sugar in this case is fructose you have a magnification of this problem big-time. Fructose is toxic in the body fructose will break things down and anything with table sugar has fructose is about almost half fructose so you can look for products that have has high fructose.

Corn syrup or added fructose or just added sugar even cane sugar or processed sugar table sugar has half fructose so the combination the worst oil with the worst sugar is vegetable oil or mega six oil with fructose will tear up the body caused inflammation which raises insulin even more promoting more triglycerides more weight gain more stress effects cortisol bad news. So again worst food combination for health for cardiovascular metabolic type two diabetes everything is fat with sugar. And the worst kind of fat and sugar to combine is vegetable oil with fructose in one meal at any time I would lemonade both if at all possible from my diet completely 100% to get the biggest health and weight loss benefit from.

It so if your question was a everything was good in the last video but I want to know exactly how to lower my triglycerides here you do there you go cut the sugar especially the fructose. Cut the grams cut the processed foods try to eliminate them as much as you can get physically active to burn this off all will push down insulin and reverse the reverse this entire process liberating triglycerides to go back into free fatty acid so your body can burn it office energy. And you can be a lot healthier for it I hope that helped out seven minutes or just a little bit over I'm trying to get these videos down let me know if you got more questions send them over I'll do the best I can Don Clum here with Thanks for checking us out

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