Controversial…..Warning….This is an Opinion Piece!

I do not believe insulin is designed to regulate blood sugar.

I believe insulin has evolved to regulate fat storage and in the process can effect blood sugar.

Insulin as a blood sugar regulator is a modern utility, completely post genetically. A reaction that we have used as a crutch and are simply burning out.

Never in our existence (besides modern times and ancient Egypt...still modern times comparatively) have we ever had to hormonally lower blood sugar. Diffusion, as in a concentration gradient balance inside and outside the cell is what governs 80% of our body's cells uptake of glucose.

Only fat and muscle cells use insulin to get glucose.....end even those cells have other transport systems for glucose.

Every cell, except red blood cells, can use ketones (a product of fat burning) for energy production with 50 times less the oxidative stress.

Like lactate dehydrogenase, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol (alcohol is new in our evolution), insulin is was not created for glucose, but as a secondary effect helps it.

Our body makes glucose as we need it and insulin is there to shuttle any extra into fat....and consequently block fat burning as it does.

We have never needed to deal with excess blood sugar. We have many ways to raise blood sugar naturally, but only one way to lower it when too high (insulin). We have limited sugar metabolism pathways and when in play they shut down longevity and disease defending genes. Our stomach has high acidity, our intestines low fermentation capacity, we store fat easily and have small sugar stores, and our brain chooses fat over sugar when challenged.

Sugar and refined carbs (grains) do not work in our hunger/thirst metabolic pathways, only protein and fat do. Sugar and grains drive our "need to eat sensation," or in other words our carb addiction cycle and work through our endorphin pathway.....which leads to addiction.

This is why sugar and grains are more addictive physiologically and sociologically that crack, heroine, or alcohol.

This is also why the entire body breaks down when there is high insulin and glucose levels over time. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer are all effects of sugar and insulin. Of course environmental toxins, stress, and genetic susceptibility play a role, but they are a far second.

Our poor little pancreas simply burns out from the constant demand of insulin, and our body gets fed up with continual nagging of insulin trying to do a job that it was never supposed to do.

In this case, it is moderation that is killing us. Thinking that a little here and there, some sugar treats and a bread exception once and a while won't make a big difference is rotting our bodies fro the inside out with each and every bite.

You want a reason for our degenerative health issues and obesity.....sorry folks, its sugar and things that turn right to sugar...i.e. grains and processed carbs, proteins, and chemical toxins. YES, it really might just be that simple.

You want an action step, eliminate sugar, grains and processed carbs.....and your life will change for the better, I guarantee it!

Back to your normal thinking, thanks for the indulgence if you have read this far.

Dr. Don

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