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No health issues form that thanks to how I was living

“Head traumas are a nasty thing and after my last one I gained 15 lbs in 3 days and saw many of my old health problems come screaming back almost immediately. By learning that the effects of head traumas have as much to do with our physiology before the head injury if not before, I was able to take a whole new angle in dealing with this and recovered rapidly and when I fell again a year later had little to no health issues form that thanks to how I was living.  Thank you Dr. Clum!”

I have struggled with PCOS and endometriosis since high school.

“I have struggled with PCOS and endometriosis since high school.  I thought I have tried everything, but I guess not. When I finally connected my health issues with insulin resistance and learned how to fix that everything changed. My cycle is and has been regular now for 3 years after working with Dr. Clum, thank you!”

Holy crap that is me!

“That is what I thought as I listened to Dr. Clum talk about the “Hormonal Man.” It was like he was describing my life and it scared the crap out of me!  Dr. Clum helped me understand what I was going through and actually see the issue and make a plan to get better. Dr. Clum broke it down and shared his insights and things became very clear. I had been blaming my wife and everyone around me for years for all my issues and unrest, when really it was all me. This was hard, not easy to admit, but so worth every effort and bit of the time and money investment to get a grip on this and see the lives of my wife and those close to me lighten up and improve as I became a better man.  Thanks Don!”

My health is so much better

“I have done diets, boot camps and more shakes, pills and diet junk than you can imagine and I would only yo-yo back and forth and get heavier and sicker year after year. i learned SO much from Dr. Clum that I will never be a victim of fad diets again.  I now know how to eat, what, and when and how to build my resilience to stress and exercise the right way. I know how to do this and why to do it so I will never go back to that crazy life I had before. My health is so much better, my have lost 45 lbs and am saving money doing it!  Thank you Dr. Clum”

HAHA! I love him!

“I am 76 years young and had type 2 diabetes for 15 years. Dr. Clum taught me a new way of thinking about my diabetes and I learned how to change my eating, how to exercise and not to snack!  I don’t have diabetes any more and the head of the hospital diabetes department was so surprised that I did it in 3 months that she actually called Dr. Clum to ask what we were doing.  Dr. Clum said sign up for my program and learn it for yourself!  HAHA! I love him!  Now I am 32 lbs lighter, have more energy, don’t take any medications, as in none, and can deadlift 75 lbs!”

I lost weight

“As a cardiologist when I heard I had developed metabolic syndrome I knew just what that meant. And I thought I knew how to fix it, but I didn’t.  I thought I knew all there was to know about weight loss and metabolic heart health, but I didn’t. Actually I learned a lot and had to ignore some of what I thought I knew! So I did what the good Dr. Clum said and it worked. I lost weight, I reversed my metabolic syndrome, I changed my lifestyle, feel great and really wish I learned this stuff in medical school!  Thanks Dr. Clum”

Thank you Dr. Clum

“Hormones, man we either love them or hate them and I was hating them for years.  My body had turned on me, I was a competitive fitness athlete, very active and always thin…..until I wasn’t.  I screwed up my metabolism and hormones by traditional gym dieting, and I was bad, so bad I thought my body and life as I knew it was a thing of the past. Dr. Clum’s programs, insights, and coaching has turned me around completely.  It was not easy, and it took almost a year, but I am back and will never go down that ill health road again. Now I love hormones because they are working for me not against me.  Thank you Dr. Clum”

I thought I was losing my husband

“I was at the point where I simply avoided talking about anything deep or real to avoid a fight. I was walking on eggshells all the time and it felt like I was setting him off and pushing him away but did not know why. Dr. Don helped me understand what was going on. My husband was not into it. Dr. Clum shared his story and insights and I decided to start working on myself, getting myself healthy and clear thinking and gained perspective on what my husband was going through and Dr. Clum showed me it was not me but I was part of the dynamic. As I got better, felt better, had more energy and patience I could be more compassionate, less reactive, and more supportive of my husband during this time. Soon he could see a change and wanted to make some changes like I did in himself. I was shocked!  I did not push him, have to convince him, or even suggest it to him. Long story short, we are both lighter physically, mentally and emotionally and our relationship has hit a new high and I have my old husband back and he is playing full in!  Wow, and thank you Dr. Clum.”

I got my life back

“Fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, depression, that’s what I was told I had. As it turns out I had severe carbon-monoxide and heavy metal toxicity! I was in bad shape and turned to Dr. Clum who lovingly pushed me to rebuild myself.  I say pushed me because it was hard, I had no energy and he would literally walk me through a workout, I hated it, I cried, but I got through it and felt great for days!  I changed my diet, learned about supplements, and got under chiropractic care, did his metabolic workouts, and worked on me and I got better, I got my life back.”

My wife made me go see Dr. Clum

“I was not into anything alternative, but he saved my life! I had blood pressure that was through the roof and would cause these attacks any time I would walk up stairs or do anything physical, it was terrible. The damn medical doctors put me on all these medications that made me feel worse. Then I started to get this strange uncontrollable cough, it was bad, real bad, I would usually have to leave the room. I went to medical specialists and they said they had no idea why I was coughing and wanted to give me more medication. I called Dr. Don and he asked me to read the label on the meds.  I said there is a sticker on it, he said pull it off…..and right there one of the side effects was a sudden uncontrollable cough! That was it!  I threw my meds in the garbage and did what ever Dr. Don told me and 4 months later my blood pressure was normal, no cough, my energy was back, I was working out, lifting weights, lost 30 lbs, brought my wife and kids in to see Dr. Clum and I am now eating vegetables!  Me, the ex-cop eating vegetables!  Miracles i tell you, thanks Doc!”