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The Chiropractic

Seems the chiropractic founders and early pioneers all the way back to 1927 were promoting the natural, ancestral, "paleo" (not a fan of what this term has become) sort of eating and living. Way ahead of their times in so many ways!

I guess then I practice "Nutritional Hygiene." Or maybe "Nutritional Common Sense."

"When dieting is done to offset or alleviate and adverse condition in living, brought on by "civilization" (an adverse state of affairs brought on by unwise precedents of human grooves of life), then dieting is not a battle between morbid educated mind and Innate: but between morbid "educated" and wise "educated." "Educated" versus "Educated"; "dog eat dog." In this later case, Chiropractic approves, for it is not truly diet, but the coordination of a normal educated mind with Innate.

Therefore, nutritional hygiene is not dieting but common sense. It is simply the restoration of normal and natural environmental conditions. The restoration to normal, of conditions made abnormal by unwise educational living; restoration brought about by wise, sane, and normal educated mind, coordinating with innate mind as it should, is nutritional hygiene. With this aspect of dieting, Chiropractic agrees. Consider diet in the light of common sense. A sick person's abnormal educated mind will not allow him to use common sense therefore somebody else's common sense must be used."

R. W. Stephenson, The Chiropractic Text Book (1927), page: 128-129

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My Fellow Professionals

Thank you for all the different invites to the various groups out here in facebook land. Please understand, as with you my time is limited although I do like to get into a great learning, sharing, exploratory thought, and advanced thinking pages, I can only dedicate time and energy to so many. That being said, I will not be a part of a group that does not hold a basic line and standard of professional courtesy and ethics. I know this is Facebook and all, but I have standards even if some groups do not.

Any group that promotes or has a base that uses vulgarity, insults, sexist remarks, intentional insults, race or ethnic slang or "humor", or even overly sarcastic comments in the form of ridicule guised in debate, will not be on my list for consideration.

Look, I am not promoting a life of over political correctness or where casual groups can't be casual. Here is the deal my fellow professionals, even if you call your group a closed or private group, when you have dozens to hundreds or more people on there it is anything but. Those conversations and threads are archived, can be accessed, and your comments preserved in time in a screen shot to be shared anywhere or used without your knowing, and even against you.

Plus, I am over the shouting matches (for the most part) and truly value educated discussion with objective knowledgeable people and find groups of like minded professionals willing to collaborate and create new concepts and nurture new ideas are worth 10 times their weight in gold. That is where I want to put my energy. Not macho, snarky, blow off steam, keyboard courage one liner groups.

Just want you to know where I stand.

Again, thank you for thinking of me and for the invites.

Dr. Don

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Cellular Health and Healing

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Everything comes from the cell. We're made up of seventy trillion plus cells and our overall global health is reflected by how well our individual cell health is. Look, here's the picture, that's a cell. All cells operate in the same fashion, every cell of our body came from one cell that divided and divided and divided and became our eyeball cell, that became our hair cell, that became our toenail cell, that became our liver cell, heart cell, brain cell, everything else. They all function on the same basic level, even though now they may look differently.

What I'm trying to show here, on this slide is that if your cells are happy, your body is healthy, it's happy and it's going to have longevity, free of disease. Keep that in mind.

Cellular Health and Healing 1

That is the bi lipid layer of fat that makes up our cell membrane. Inside our cell we have a nucleus, it's often called the brain of our cell. That's where our DNA and our genetic code is. We also have these little organelles called mitochondria, they make what's called ATP which is cellular energy. The cellular energy is what cumulates and what makes our life energy in order for us to take out all of the responsibilities and actions that our bodies take on a daily, moment to moment, second to second level.

Over here we have some little saturated fat islands all over the cell membranes with those hairs, it looks like on top. It's not, they're receptors for hormones. There's all different kinds of hormones, estrogen, thyroid, testosterone, cortisol, insulin, over 400 of them. If you include neuro-transmitters even more. What they do is they all go in, they float around our system and just like that one there, it gets onto our receptor, it docks like a boat in a slip and that's how it transmits its information into our cell.

The cell also eats so it's got a way to get good stuff in and it also eliminates, so it's got a way to get bad stuff out. We have this thing called free radicals. This is what I call mayhem, like from the All State commercial that terrorizes everything, a free radical. A free radical is produced from different physiology and reactions in our body. When we have one or two, no big deal but when you have a lot, and it's been estimated that we get 10,000 to 1 million free radical hits, per cell, in our body per day, that's a lot and that starts to cause an issue. What it does is it starts to inflame through a process called oxidation our cell membrane.

Cellular Health and Healing 2

Oxidation in our car is called rust and when we get rust it starts to break down, when our cell membrane starts to oxidize then different issues start to happen as well. What happens is it gets less permeable. It gets more rigid and the bad stuff that's on the inside can't get out and the good stuff that's on the outside trying to get in can't get in. Now we've got a problem going. We have a problem, and what's that problem? The rigid, less fluid, less permeable membrane is creating a barrier for our health and our function. Then that bad stuff starts to back up within our cell and it also oxidizes and inflames our nucleus where our DNA is and that can trigger different problems. You have inflammation and oxidation going on in your mitochondria, and what does that do, it drives down your cellular energy. When it happens in a nucleus it can cause mutations of our DNA which cause disease and it can cause accelerated aging.

Not good, this is one pissed off cell going on. What's our number one source of free radicals? See that flashing over on the side? Guess what it is? Fuel, and what does that mean? Food and so we'll get into that in a second. Now, antioxidants, have you ever heard of that? Antioxidants, those are, just like they sound, they're the anti process of the oxidation that we don't want. What they are, they are the antidote to the free radical poison that happens in our body and normally in an ideal state, 1:1, they kick, they hook up, they bond, they get connected and then they can get taken out of the body. See that? Boom, they connect and they get shuttled right out of the body. We get our antioxidants from food but our number one source of free radicals are also from food which I'll explain in a second.

What are the good antioxidants in food? The example here I have is Vitamin C and why do we like it? Because it's an antioxidant that provides a 5:1 kill ratio between the antioxidant and the free radical. That Vitamin C has got five extra electrons and it can neutralize five free radicals and that's a 5:1 return. Who wouldn't take that? I would take that but look inside, see this is inside the cell, that stands for glutathione, super oxide dismutasing catalyst. These are antioxidants that are made within our nucleus from our genetic strands within the cell. These are major player antioxidants. They have a million to one return. They have a million electrons to give. That makes it 200,000 times stronger than Vitamin C and everyone out there, including my Mom who gave me Vitamin C all growing up, knows that Vitamin C is a good thing. If I was a betting man, where would I put my efforts? On the internal, inner cellular produced antioxidants with a million to one return or my food that can give me a 5:1 return? Vitamin C is not the only one, it can be Vitamin E, it can be Vitamin D, it could be Cocu 10. There's a lot of different things.

Truth be told, I want both. I'm not going to pick one or the other. I want both. What I want more of in particular, right there, I want more of that. I want that internal antioxidant load. Basically that comes from how you live your life. Look, that internal antioxidant load, that million to one return, doesn't come from what you take. It comes from how you make it. It's not what you take, it's what your body makes that keeps you healthy. That brings us all back to the lifestyle I want to go through. Now, if you remember, I said the number one source of free radicals is our fuel or our food. This is where it comes in. Sugar burning versus fat burning.

Cellular Health and Healing 3

Check it out, on the left you have a wood burning stove that's not ventilating too well, that's sugar burning. It burns hot, it's got a lot of smoke, it contaminates everything, it's messy. Versus on the right, that's fat burning, that's butane, that's natural gas, it burns clean, it burns efficient, you can really isolate it down right there. That's the difference. When you are a chronic sugar burner and you're burning hot and dirty like that, you're producing 50 times the free radical load, just from making energy that you do when you're burning the fat, which is over here in this example, is the natural gas. That's a big difference. Just shifting from being a chronic sugar burner to a fat burner reduces your overall free radical load by 50 times. That is the number one influence we have in our life.

How do we do that? Where do we start? First, shift to eating three meals a day. In the beginning I don't even care what you eat, just don't snack. Eat breakfast lunch and dinner, whatever you want, three meals a day but keep it to that. Even eat more on those days if you want. Then, as you get good at that you add more healthy fats, add in avocado, add in whole unroasted and unseasoned nuts, add in olives and olive oil, add in coconut products and coconut oil, cook some things at low heat with butter.

Cellular Health and Healing 4

When you're good at that, then you cut out the sugars, the grains, the starches that we talked about last time. Then you increase your exercise. Use the variable output exercise and build resilience which we're going to go into in the next article… Healing With Enhanced Physical Fitness. We talked about that with the pace breathing, with the meditation, with the awareness and the stress management.

That's how you do it, that's how you start. Baby steps build to bigger steps. Give it a try, send us your feedback, tell us what you like, what you don't like. If nothing else, check out the next article. Glad to have you hear. Dr. Don Clum with Your Wellness Tribe. See you on the next one.

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Sleeping Your Way To Better Health

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We have to prioritize our sleep. Take a look at these pictures on here. We simply need to sleep better. Sleep affects every single element of our entire life.

Sleeping Your Way To Better Health 1

Look at that baby. That baby's asleep. I want to sleep like that. Look at that woman down there. She not quite a baby, but man, she looks pretty restful herself. Most Americans aren't getting consistent regular quality sleep and it's so common that they write it off as normal. That's a big deal. Every single function in our body, of our body requires proper sleep.

We didn't even know why we needed to sleep for a long time. We still are kind of guessing, but we know if we don't get it, we die. We know if we don't get enough, if it gets interrupted and it's not good enough quality, that our biological functions, our brain and its ability to think and process, our hormones, our immune system, everything gets shut down and starts to go downhill. It's important. Bottom line. We have to prioritize our sleep.

Let's keep going. Watch your tone. We've talked about the neurological tone and it has a big deal with how we sleep. Take a look at this here. Your mind, your body, your sleep, they're all interrelated. The mind and body's connected by sleep and then you can think of it as your mind controlling sympathetic and your body controlling parasympathetic. Remember, those are on a teeter totter. For the most part, when one is up, the other one's down.

Sleeping Your Way To Better Health 2

Granted, there are subsets of those systems that can be affected by everything else, but look, let's take the big picture here. The mind and the body are connected through sleep. That's when they actually can shut down. They can start to detoxify, they can start to heal, they can start to grow. They can process memories, they could regenerate hormones, receptors, and the list goes on and on.

It'll have a huge impact on your day in, day out tone of your nervous system whether you're stuck in low parasympathetic mode or not, whether you're running primarily on that gas pedal and can't stop or not. Keep that in mind. Sleep plays the hidden role here. Do not underestimate it. Do not forget about it and always remember to prioritize it.

Here is just how deep sleep or the lack of it can go into our lives and our health. Take a look. Sleep deprivation leads to ghrelin and leptin issues. Those are our satiation, our being satisfied from eating and our hunger hormones. Sleep deprivation can influence our time and opportunity to eat, it can decrease our body temperature overall, it can increase our fatigue, and it can also increase cortisol or stress levels in our sympathetic tone.

Sleeping Your Way To Better Health 3

Now look how it leads across the board here. These things can lead to increased appetite, wanting to eat more, and therefore taking in more food than we need and driving cravings. It could also lower our metabolism. You get a combination of eating more with lower metabolism, we got problems. That relates to a hormonal issue in that big oval on the next step.

What happens is we get increased insulin levels and we get higher exposure to insulin, both of which drive insulin resistance. At the same note, we get decreased glucose tolerance which means the little or a lot of the glucose that we're taking in isn't being tolerated well. You get a combination of insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.

Although they're connected, they can be independently separate and they can compound on us causing, as you continue over to that last row, insulin resistance. The gateway hormonal disruptor as I always call it, which leads to weight gain and obesity, which drives metabolic syndrome which then produces chronic disease as in pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, so forth, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer's, and much, much more.

This is the major driver to all chronic disease is insulin resistance, is the oxidative process that we've already gone over. Look how sleep, just from sleep deprivation, irregular, inconsistent sleep can drive that whole process, never mind all the other efforts that you're making in your workouts, in your food choices, in your meal timing, in the quality and quantity of what you eat and how you're managing your stress. Sleep can trump them all.

When we say prioritize your sleep, this is exactly why and what we mean. All right, so now that you know how important it is, here's where to start. Create your sleep sanctuary. What does that mean?

Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary. It is not a place for junk. It is not a place for garbage. It is not a place for clutter. It is not a place to work. This is where you go to sleep or enjoy adult related bed activities (those have their own health benefits). That's it, all right? You want to create a sleep sanctuary that you find relaxing, that you find inviting, that you find comfortable so that you can start the process and prioritize your sleep.

Part of that is the wind down ritual. You have to create a time and a concept to wind down. A lot of people, what they do, is they go through their day. They're running around, they're chasing the kids, they're working. They're turning this in, they're paying their bills, they're feeding the dog, and then, oh look, it's 10:00.

Everyone's laying down, okay, boom, bang, bing, all laying down and their eyes go bing! Wide open. They're like, "Wait a minute, this is my bedtime. I'm laying down. Why am I not sleeping?" Because your body's still jamming through everything you went today. You didn't create a separation. You didn't do your wind down ritual. That could be as easy as taking 20, 30, 40, 60 minutes to just relax.

How do you do that? You move to the next one. Disconnect. Turn off all electronics. No phones, no tablets, iPads, and iPods. No computer. No TV, all right? Turn those lights down. Put on candles if you can. Read a little bit. Turn some music on. Talk to your spouse. Call a friend. Walk around. Feed your animals. Water your plants.

Sleeping Your Way To Better Health 4

I don't care what it is, but disconnect and just enjoy and relish and celebrate that silence like we talked about in earlier concepts. Get ready mentally to de-stress and get ready for bed. Of course, get comfy. Be comfortable. Wear the pajamas you like or wear nothing if that's what you like, whatever it is that when you get into bed, you're going to be comfortable.

You don't want to be too warm, you don't want to be too restricted. No bras, no waistbands, no tight this or tight that. Nothing. You want to be nice and comfy and of course you want to be cool. I'm not talking about how you look, I'm talking about cooling that room down. Don't use too many blankets. You want to be just a little bit cool as you sleep.

The magic number that I heard is around 67 degrees. You're a little bit cool there, your body will kick in, your temperature will come down. It's the down regulation of your body temperature that starts all the hormones that help us sleep and get into REM. Just be cool. Don't get under a whole bunch of down blankets and take a hot shower and then get under there and snuggle especially on the cold nights when that's tempting.

Be mindful. Don't do that. Keep the room cool. Put a fan on if you need it. Don't overheat. Light bedding, light sheets. It'll pay off in the long term. In the beginning, it might be a little bit difficult. You might have to figure this out, but your body will get used to it. We need that temperature variation to keep our metabolism and hormones in check, all right? Try it out. Here's my…

My 12 Step Plan For Sleep Recovery:

  1. No caffeine after 3 pm
  2. Drink 3 liters of water per day
  3. Add EXTRA sea salt to all food you eat
  4. De-clutter your bedroom
  5. Make sure the room is DARK
  6. Stop all electronics at LEAST 30 minutes (60 is better) before you lay down to go to sleep.
  7. Take a cold shower in the morning.
  8. Wear comfy bed clothes
  9. Keep the room 67 degrees or lower at night
  10. Drink a warm herbal tea (camomile is my favorite....and no caffeine) one hour before bed.
  11. Take 3 minutes, just 3 minutes and breathe in for a 5 second count and breath out for a 5 second count in a quiet place while sitting and calm.....suggested 2 hours before bed.
  12.  Add one whole avocado to your daily food in any way you like.

Give us all the feedback you can, simply comment and share below. Was it relevant to you? Again, this is Dr. Don Clum with Your Wellness Tribe. Let's work together and we can get our entire tribe, our entire community healthier one step at a time. Thank you very much. We'll see you on the next one. Keep your eye out for future articles and videos.

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A state of the body. A state of less than optimal function. A state of less than ease, ease being optimal, natural, normal function.

Disease: a definite pathological process having a characteristic set of signs and symptoms. (Medical Dictionary)

A state of dis-ease is REQUIRED before any disease can take hold and exist.

A state of dis-ease has to be in place to allow the progression of disfunction to occur and grow to a point where we (medically) can categorize and name a disease.

Therefore a state of dis-ease comes before a disease and actually can predict matter what that disease ends up being.

If you want to prevent a disease you have to maintain proper function of the body, you have to maintain physiological ease, and remove any dis-ease you can as it comes.

Things that cause dis-ease are traumas, toxins, stressors, and much more. There are many things that can cause a moment of dis-ease, but in my opinion very few things that can maintain a state of dis-ease.

The body is resilient and can usually restore ease when needed and given the right circumstances.

When the body doesn't restore ease naturally in a normal time line, then something is holding that righting process back.

In my experience, beyond continued trauma and health insults that most people will not likely perpetuate, there are a few things, actually very few, that will keep our body in a state of dis-ease.

The biggest single offender of natural ease in our body that basically maintains the nervous system in a virtual chokehold in perpetuated dis-ease is/are subluxations that can occur in the spine.

Some people ask why I include chiropractic in all my protocols. This is why. Chiropractic is the only health care profession focused on this subtle difference that promotes the incredible health discrepancy that contributes to if not having the potential to cause chronic disease over time.

Just one more take-a-way, one more tool and option for ANYONE to have and use on your health optimizing united front to live a long healthy life.

That is today's public service announcement, take it as you will, but do not say you were never warned that leaving this element out could just be what is holding you back in your health and healing goals.

Dr. Don

P.S. Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING? Feel like you've been let down? I understand! If you want to see if I can personally help you in your health journey... schedule a call with me and let's discuss what you've been through and where you are now... where you want to get... and how I can help you get there.​ >> CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE PHONE CALL WITH ME <<


1 in 3 Kids Will Become Diabetic


Will it be yours?

I have 3 kids..... Which one of mine will it be? Will it be any of them?

This is a prediction made by the CDC. They estimate that 1 in 3 children born after the year 2000 will become diabetic. Many of them before they turn 18.

Parents, are you making your kids diabetic? Am I?

Type 2 diabetes, what used to be called adult onset diabetes, is not an infectious disease, you don't catch it or spread it like the flu. Type 2 diabetes is a condition that results from how we live our life, the food that we eat, our toxic load, stress, and physical fitness, or lack there of.

It must be genetic people say. The short answer is no, it isn't. Are there genes involved in the development of type 2 or that make one more susceptible to it, yes, but they do not cause it, one still has do the things in life that trigger those genes.

The fundamental process that causes type 2 diabetes also drives obesity and heart disease and is arguably linked with many if not all cancers.

It is called insulin resistance and it is the single most prevalent health issue seen by health professionals and afflicting our modern lives.

We must take this seriously, if not for ourselves then for our children. Moderate health changes, fleeting diets, sporadic exercise efforts and a whole lot of rationalizing will not save our children from this growing plague.

To reverse insulin resistance and the effects of it and the hope of preventing it in our children takes action, time, learning, and making a complete lifestyle change for most people. Anything less and you will be denying your children the chance to grow up as healthy as they could be and put them at risk for diabetes, obesity and heart disease, and maybe more.

We, as in my wife and I, work on this daily in our own lives, with our children, and in practice. We, as in the people and work done at ADURO Inc, research how to educate, motivate, and offer opportunity for change in these statistics, and I can say, from both sides, yes, it can be avoided.

No medication, series of medications, injections, or easy cut back diet plans, magic herbs, or meal replacements will save you from this. You have to save you and your kids from this, and you can.

I have no insightful take aways for you today, just hope that we can all take a moment and grasp the severity of what is going with this. Awareness is the first step.

Here's to being together on this journey and holding a higher standard my friends!

Dr. Don

P.S. Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING? Feel like you've been let down? I understand! If you want to see if I can personally help you in your health journey... schedule a call with me and let's discuss what you've been through and where you are now... where you want to get... and how I can help you get there.​ >> CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE PHONE CALL WITH ME <<


Any Idea What The Courage Hormone Is?

The hormone that makes us brave?

When I first read about the description for this hormone I thought first of testosterone, adrenaline, or even cortisol. But I was mistaken.

This hormone is the hormone that I have been speaking about as the under-appreciated giant hormone personality in our lives and health.

This hormone has the ability to destroy the negative effects and high levels of chronic stress hormones like cortisol.

The way this hormone works and why it is considered the courage hormone is that when this hormone is stimulated it down regulates our fear response and can stop the fight or flight response of freeze or flee. When activated it amps up our social awareness and lights up areas of the brain associated with meaning and value and has been shown to make people more trusting, be more trust worthy and help others.

The hormone I am talking about is oxytocin. Oxytocin drives our mental awareness to what is important to us, opens our thinking to include others and promote empathy as it stimulates trust and therefor gives us courage to act in our social world and makes us brave with less fear and more compassion.

Oxytocin has been called the "bonding" hormone or the "love" hormone and is strongly stimulated during breast feeding, intimacy, and in close familiar relationships. It is also stimulated when you get or receive a compliment, play with your kids, when you hug or shake someones hand, when you pet your dog or cat, when you talk and when you journal.

The biggest social evidence of the power of oxytocin is how it changes our physiology through laughter. We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine and we can thank oxytocin for that.

Men in particular I hope you are reading and hearing this message. Many men experience mild to moderate depression and write it off under the guise of stress, corporate living, being the provider, having an "A" personality or being a "driver." These are issues I speak about in my presentation on the "Irritable Male Syndrome," and they are very real, and at these levels very responsive to oxytocin "therapy." Keep it in mind my brothers.

My friends I extend a virtual hug and mental handshake as I tell you all that I love and appreciate you and hope you join me today in seeking out a little extra humor and together we can all build up a little bit more courage and live the life of the brave!

Dr. Don

P.S. Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING? Feel like you've been let down? I understand! If you want to see if I can personally help you in your health journey... schedule a call with me and let's discuss what you've been through and where you are now... where you want to get... and how I can help you get there.​ >> CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE PHONE CALL WITH ME <<


Health, Weight Loss and Medicine no Longer Have Rules, Only Exceptions

Health, Weight Loss and Medicine no Longer Have Rules, Only Exceptions

I love to study the development of this species we now call human. I read book after book on how we migrated across the globe, what we ate, what helped us survive, what patterns and traits formed our genetic code, how we grew these big brains, built communities and everything in between. With all that our species has gone through, and how we have evolved and slowly strengthened this amazing body and gene sequence we now have and enjoy I am constantly surprised at how much variation we now have in our health, well-being, how we respond to stress, diets, and respond to our world around us. As we evolved we didn’t all eat different ways, at different times or have all that much variety in our lifestyle at all. So why would a customized, person to person approach to weight loss, health, healing, and diet be so important today? Why is it so hard to get consistent health improvement, weight loss and results across our population? It really doesn’t make sense to me that a one size fits all approach DOSEN’T work for everyone, honestly and evolutionarily, it should……but it doesn’t! I think I know why.

Most of the people on this planet today would have died off in our natural, non-modern, non-cultivation, environment of the time past. Many of the people here and now, their families, and their entire lineages would not even be swimming in the gene pool today if the same world that formed our genetics was still in effect and ruling it today. What we call diversity in our populations is really an accumulating and growing set of genetic mutations, defects and weaknesses that are being supported by the efforts and support of others.

Hey, I am not trying to be cynical, overly critical, or negative, I get it, my own line would probably not be here. My dad would not have made it through childhood with his eyesight and my sister would not have made it more than a few days after birth. I had Lasix eye surgery myself and would have been at a disadvantage assuming I was born at all. This unnatural inclusion we support and extend to our society, the opposite of natural selection that has built our very survivability historically, is accelerating every single day with every dose of anti-biotics, with each life saving operation, every set of eye glasses, each assisted pregnancy, C-section, and each assisted living intervention and resuscitation that takes place.

And look, I am all for it. I am glad to be alive, have my father and sister, and know that a life saving antibiotic or operation is there if my children’s life were on the line. I think of how many contributions to society, art, science, medicine, culture and spiritual growth have been made by people and cultures who might not have been able to do so if they lived even 100 years ago, never mind 1,000 or 100,000 years ago. But this is just one side of the equation.

The other side that is seemingly magnifying this artificial process of human population growth is that of our modern technology and agriculture. Ever since we stopped the roaming nature of our small human communities and exchanged them for a stationary existence dependent on geography and crops which needs larger communities to tend it we have seen an exponential growth of our population and the need to keep pushing technology for us to do more, and more, so we can support all that we were creating.

This “civilization” process has essentially built a form of elective captivity that we all rely on and opt into each and every day. Our modern captivity along with the expansion of the variation in our gene pool devolves us into a weaker and weaker state with each generation as we become more reliant on the infrastructure we have built to support us and inflame the need of others to provide all that we now need.

So, what does this have to do with health and healing? It means that we have a vastly diverse genetic expression across our population that did not exist, or at least has not existed for long during the evolution of our species and now they breed and interbreed and live in the most artificial environment in history. Our lives are filled with essentially experimental conditions, exposures, stress, and proximity with others to produce the incalculable physical genetic expressions and reactions to all that this incredible combination of circumstances produce today.

What this means is that there are no, and there will not be again, any predictable or typical outcomes for people living in our society. There is no longer a natural human habitat or environment. Consequently, we will not know in most cases exactly why certain body changes, illnesses, diseases, mental and mood challenges come about if they do and even worse we will not have a standard of approach in dealing with them since the reactions to any given treatments or protocols and interventions will be as varied as the set of circumstances that led to their development in the first place.

There are no more rules in health and healing, just endless expectations. Where does this leave us? Are we doomed? No. The only option we have is to be proactive and basically live as if any and all diseases are in us or on their way now. We are not destined to be sick as many people believe but rather must live with the awareness that the environment is stacked against us. If we wait until signs, symptoms, or issues show up, it will be a lot harder get a handle on it and bring things back to a neutral if not optimal health and healing state. When and if things do show up that challenge our health and well-being we have to resist over simplifying our approach and think that some pill or single intervention will be the magic bullet that fixes our issues. That expectation will only guarantee a life long bout of misery as we chase our own ill-health tail in circles.

By looking at our lives, health and life style from a full and holistic perspective and try and support as we correct issues and overcome and eliminate what might have contributed to it in the first place, we have a hope of correcting the myriad of negative effects and promoting the incalculable and powerful healing mechanisms that lay in waiting for us to do what we need to turn them on. There is hope and the potential for greater health expression than most people believe possible but we will have to earn it, we will have to take daily regular action and accountability for our own health and well-being.

This is all great news for those who share our passion for learning and are committed to following a health promoting path that is as close as we can get to modern day natural living. This means holding a higher standard, not letting our guard down, protecting and teaching our children and supporting and strengthening our tribe together.

I for one am honored to be on this path with all of you! If we can be of any service, please do not hesitate to ask. After all it does not take a village, it takes a tribe!

Dr. Don

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