The Brain Prefers Glucose as Fuel?

I am not so sure about that.

I actually think that is an assumption.

When the brain gets injured it ups its ketone utility dramatically, regardless of your diet or the presence of glucose.

So, when challenged, when energy efficiency is most crucial and function most delicate the brain turns to ketones for fuel, not glucose.

Some people go so far as to say that nutritional ketosis is dangerous, specifically for the brain. Why then would the brain selectively use ketones when energy and metabolism are the most critical? It is not that the brain can not use glucose, it essentially chooses not to.

We know both high levels of glucose and the metabolism of glucose can be toxic. During glucose metabolism 50 times the amount of free radicals are produced compared to fat, and that might be key. It would make sense that when the brain is injured it switches to fat (ketone) metabolism to protect itself from the oxidative stress of those free radicals at its most vulnerable moment.

Sugar burning and high sugar levels also reduces our cognitive (mental) functioning. High levels of blood sugar and insulin both promote increased muscle loss after exercise while ketones have been shown to preserve it and high levels of oxidative stress has been shown to promote muscle wasting during exercise, inactivity, and in dystrophy.

If that is true, then I would want to do what I can to make ketones as available as possible in my system for the brain to use in normal function as well as repair. By doing so I would also want to lower my oxidative stress significantly in my whole body and start to detox, repair, burn fat, and balance hormones in the process, naturally.

That all being said I would conclude that fat burning (ketone production) is not only NOT dangerous to our body or brain but the preferred fuel for it to function, for us to think, be strong and move well, and the most health promoting option.

What do you think? Am I off track?

Dr. Don

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