How To Become A Fat Burner

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Hello everybody Dr. Don Clum here with today I'm gonna go over a very important topic one that is leading me forward in the series that we've been doing so far on insulin resistance weight loss in health. Today we're talk about sugar burning versus fat burning what does that mean there's so many people out there who reach out and say hey look I get the concept but I don't really know what that means. Today's topic is a little bit heady it's a little bit more biology but we're going to be building on it so I'm gonna try to keep it very hyper focused as sugar burning versus fat burning what the true meaning is so you can stay where you want to be. Because there's nothing worse and doing everything you think is right and find out it's not find out is working against you or so forth. So let's get this right so here we go sugar and fat those are the key to key raw materials that your body uses to make energy. They don't get burned for energy they get distilled down to make energy that's just that's a very important distinction. You have a gas tank here of fat a gas tank here of sugar either lawn can answer through this funnel and into the cell this is this cell this is the cell membrane you see that it's like on a plant there's a cell wall the cell membrane like a squishy water balloon it's the balloon itself. Right here I have there that's a castle I think of it as your castle wall that your defense that's your barrier to the outside cell to cell.

Cell like your skin is for your body alright so that's a cell membrane on the outside over here is your nucleus. This is where all your genetic material is housed and lives your DNA your genetic code everything that we have in there that gets passed down lives in here and those are little DNA strands and genetic code in there okay. You also have a whole bunch of what's called organelles that convert these raw materials that come in into ATP or the unit of energy that your body then uses for a lot of different things those are called mitochondria and you can have lots of them up to 4,500 in each and every one of your cells these mitochondria convert the raw material inside the cell to make the energy unit ATP that then gets used to rebuild your castle wall. Your membrane keep it healthy keep it permeable keep it flexible it also goes into repair there's tons of repair mechanisms within the cell itself to keep itself healthy sturdy strong and everything going right. It also sends energy over here this is my attempt at an end engine and this is where that unit of energy gets actually converted into cellular energy we're talking life energy not cappuccino energy here but life energy to keep that cell doing what it needs to do keep it healthy and happy just like having good energy in our life keeps us healthy and happy.

It also sends that energy unit over here that's my Superman drawing the Superman crest because if that energy is is there to protect your DNA. Because within your DNA there's all sorts of different options in there just like a brand new set of encyclopedias or for you young people like a brand new search engine out on the web it is unlimited with the amount of information it depends on what we trigger what we reach for what we grab what we open up what we read and what we apply to how your DNA expresses. Is not automatic so it's very important to keep it protected and very healthy otherwise some of those volumes incorrect volumes can come out and that's how disease gets triggered heart disease cancers dementia Parkinson's diabetes stroke you name it any kind of disease process chronic disease problems we have in our body is somehow triggered within our DNA but again it's triggered it's not automatic. That's a whole other talk though okay so that's the inner workings of the cell and so this is what's going on here's the key when you have what you burn for fuel being a fat burner or a sugar burner isn't simply a matter of whether you're burning fat or burning sugar I know that seems counterproductive you can burn fat.

It not be a fat burner because to be a fat burner that's a whole separate route of metabolism at them that's a metabolic state not just a moment in time here's like burning sugars is separate and distinct different metabolic state within your body not just a moment of time. So we can use one or the other and it doesn't use them exclusively so when you're a fat burner you still bro a little sugar and when your sugar burner just still a little bit of fat but not that much going on and the determining factor of which side of the line you're on here is insulin. Right there insulin comes into your body into your tissues or from your body from your pancreas into your tissues into the cells and cells right down to the cell to where that raw material enters your cell and it blocks fat from being used. Now this metabolism pathway is blocked and that can't get in to make the energy in here this is basically a refinery like raw crude material refined into ATP if you can't get the crude material set into that refinery to make your energy all you're left with this sugar. And that sugar goes through and it makes the energy of the ATP that goes throughout your body and and there you go that is what's called being a sugar burner but there's some downside to that. Here's the deal both different raw materials have different byproducts when we use them just like if you were going to heat make a fire to cook some food right the raw material is what you use to build that fire the energy unit is the heat that you use either heat your home or to cook that food follow me? I hope so, here's the deal when you use sugar it's like using a big log in your fire pit right are using to cook your food that log produces a lot of byproducts it produces a lot of smoke a lot of ash a lot of embers to the air things like that it generally burns up and down inconsistently and so does sugar it's just like that it burns very hot and it produces what's called free radicals.

Okay free radicals in there if releases a lot of them it also triggers a different hormonal reaction in the body when you're burning that substrate the hormones that become dominant when you're a sugar burner are insulin, cortisol, thyroid hormone, estrogen hormone, all of these hormones when they're in a presence of a lot of free radicals going on because the byproducts are burning that log or that sugar that leads to aging. Accelerated aging you can't turn back can't stop aging but you can slow it down a lot of people are aging way faster than they need to be so by slowing it down you're essentially turning that clock back. It also triggers disease I'll show you how in a second and also triggers pain because here's what happens it goes in here and it's making the energy from the sugar it's producing all these free radicals and they float around in your system and they start to mess up all these other parts that they get you have extra such you have extra by-product and extra ash that you have to deal with and it starts to interfere with how well you're building your cell membrane your barrier to the outside world your castle wall starts to get crumbly.

The internal mechanisms a repair mechanism get cooked up like when you don't change your oil in your car and it overheat and to become less efficient. You don't repair as fast so you don't grow and repair as well your engine your internal energy goes down and if that happens at a bigenough scale that's called chronic fatigue. That's called brain fog when it's in your brain it's called metabolic down-regulation or when your metabolic rate goes down. That's major problems that can have its own set of problems and the energy can't stay in there to protect your DNA Superman's getting hit by a block of kryptonite. So Superman's defenses drop and suddenly now those free radicals can get in there and they can actually trigger the negative genes. You need lots of genes to be turned on and even more to be turned off for disease to start and free rivals can do both it can turn off the good ones and it can turn on the bad ones. Because energy is down is being diverted all over the place because of the byproduct of using sugar as fuel when you're a sugar burner. All that together is called oxidation that's what we call oxidative stress we mentioned in the last video people asking what does that mean that's your oxidative stress that leads to what in combination with these hormones to systemic inflammation. Inflammation that's autoimmune issues that's joint pain muscle pain issues that's all sorts of chronic disease promoting issues inflammation is a bad idea.

We're on the other hand if you can get rid of the insulin drops the insulin load. So your insulin exposure is low and when you are exposed you don't have high swings in it so you get lower amounts at a time less frequently throughout the day so your overall net exposure is less that will open up the fat-burning pathway. It will down regulate sugar and allow the fat to come in and go through the refinery to make ATP and here's the deal instead of using a log in your fire this is like using natural gas. A nice blue flame that is consistent and steady and has very little by-product very little smell no smoke and is very efficient that is very very efficient. So suddenly now we get an upgrade to our cellular function and the castle wall the membrane of that cell is being repaired with high quality products be replaced and remember that membrane is mostly fat itself therefore is a double whammy making a super-strong barrier and protection from the outside okay we all like to have healthy looking and healthy functioning skin so does your cell. Then the repair it starts to repair such to replace old things with new things not just using duct tape and bubble gum to fix everything in your cell its repairing and building brand-new getting new machinery in there. Because a lot of it is made from amino acids and different kinds of fatty acids within the cell that can come from fat and when we get fat in our diet. And it is very efficient alpha hydroxy butyrate is the most efficient which is a byproduct of the refinery of fat. That's that substrate is going in the making that energy is the most effective and efficient fuel source known to man.

So our energy utilization goes up we can take in more energy astray and not have a problem with overload or gaining weight and all that kind of things because we're using it all over the place and it's very very efficient. And has very little to no byproducts therefore the free radical load is 50 times less burning fat that it is burning sugar so your exposure to all of the damaging process and the overload goes way down this is a form of toxicity which I'll do in another video but it is. A form of toxicity therefore everything is happening in the inside the DNA is protected not triggering the bad stuff keeping the good stuff on and keeping the bad stuff off. Energy is more efficient raising out over only cellular in you but your life get up out of bed not I don't feel like doing it but I can't do it energy into let's get up and go repairing and keeping the membrane out there and in the different hormones associated with fat burning or human growth hormone. That is our time clock hormone that keeps us young that is a Fountain of Youth hormone along with uni GA if there ever was one. So keep that in mind it keeps them higher testosterone proportional to whether you're a man or a woman and what your needs are you're not going to become manly because of this but you can women want their testosterone optimal just like men DHEA massive anti stress hormone massive repair hormone you longevity hormone. Adrenaline we're not talking cappuccino rush adrenaline we're talking steady well burning efficient adrenaline for good mental clarity and body energy to get out of it and do what you need all day long.

Oxytocin, oxytocin to feel good as the bonding is the loving if the connection is the friendship it's the relationship hormone that kills all these negative hormones it crashes cortisol stresses the killer hormone from course all is the killer hormone from stress. Oxytocin is natural foe right it'll go right in there and it'll doubt it will knock it right down so we love oxytocin. And glucagon who can ground just works opposite of insulin we're going to at another time but you want that on there in there because it will help glucagon does when it's on the on the on the playing field it allows us to make and burn sugar at the perfect amount that we need so we never interfere with facts. We still need some sugar and glucagon goes to the liver and allows a little bit out a little bit out a little bit out perfect it's like we're fasting or not eating. Glucagon controls that when we're eating for high fat and we're keeping insulin low glucagon control that so that there's neckla Kate and they are the healthier physically better than the previous one that's called healing. They don't actually change so what we want to do is make sure that all this is in place so that when the cell duplicates the next one that comes after is better the one before and that's called growth. That's called healing that is what's dominated by these hormones on this side and that comes from fat burning and all of that can be turned off which is one dose of insulin. So we promote the insulin friendly lifestyle the insulin friendly diet this is why this is a cellular level why this is what it means to be a fat burner versus a sugar burner this is why sugar burning promotes disease stress aging and pain and this is why being a fat burner promotes youth it promotes longevity it promotes health and if we're meant to clarity and high energy on a cellular level. So this is what we want to watch you're going to count things don't count calories count and how many times you stimulate insulin and how much you stimulated so keep an eye out for more videos.

If you like this if you learn something share it with somebody thing invite them to our tribe we are building a tribe here who will support each other you can't opt into a tribe you have to be in a tribe you have to do in a tribe you have to express what we're talking about to be in the tribe and if you are we want you there with us and we'll be there for you alright so let's do that shares if you like it if you have questions ask them in the feed. That's what made me do this today is someone asked a very distinct and direct question and here we are answering it we're going to try to do more and more of these short as I can of just under 15 minutes I can see so that you guys stay with me but if you liked it share it and check it out for the next one Dr. Don Clum here thank you very much

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