Alright Dr. Oz, here you go:

Here are the major selling points Dr. Oz uses to suggest that 4 meals a day (first, please note, he mentions nothing about snacking which may or may not be included....which we are against) is better than 3.

1. CA state University "proves" we can lose more fat with more frequent eating. 92% more in fact.
Here is the link to the study in question. The study itself says that one of the 15 reviewed has skewed all the rest making the findings suspect. When you remove that one study form the 15 then the findings shift showing no benefit to eating more frequently in burning more fat. And the 92% more turned out to what contributes to a couple grams when translated into absolute value of net loss.....yippie! Or not.

2. Additional proof from U of Massachusetts Medical school.....more daily meals mean 50% less likely to become over weight.
Study link:
Meal frequency was just one element looked at here and based on diet diaries: "Three 24-hour dietary recalls and a body weight measurement were collected at five equally spaced time points over a 1-year period from 499 participants. Data were averaged for five time periods, and a cross-sectional analysis was conducted. Odds ratios were adjusted for other obesity risk factors including age, sex, physical activity, and total energy intake." All of which were self reported. Not a good, solid, sample set of data.

3. Skipping meals like breakfast make us fat: Nope…/…/06/04/ajcn.114.089573.abstract

4. Spiking insulin and PLUNGING it in between meals.....= sugar crash=cortisol
The lowering of blood insulin is not always correlated with low blood sugar levels, i.e. sugar crash. Blood sugar levels can rise and fall independent of insulin, every cell in the body can take in blood sugar without insulin, we just can not store fat.

5. Steady blood sugar=never storing fat.....never say never....blood sugar does not determine fat storage. Blood sugar only effects, at most, 30% of insulin secretion. Insulin mediates fat storage and will do so independent of blood sugar.
No correlation to eating more frequently and weight loss:

6. 4 meals switches metabolism into high gear....U of Nottingham in the UK....boosts metabolic rate by 43%

7. Fat burning increases....hunger decreases
Correct, and less meal frequency does better than more:…

8. Cortisol decreases serotonin=crave sugary food
Cortisol increases serotonin uptake:
Cortisol lowers serotonin levels:
What does that mean? Cortisol improves serotonin sensitivity. That is a good thing, not a bad....either way, cut the carbs already!

9. Eating more frequently increases hormones to feel full...

10. Insulin stabilization = 69% decrease in development of cognitive impairment
Correct, but for insulin resistance, not acute insulin levels.....the key is the ability to return to a insulin baseline that happens with less eating frequency, not more:

11. Anecdotes, I feel great
I am happy for you! But each story involved exercising more and eating "clean" as much as frequency.

Just my 10 minute pull and thoughts from the research we have been doing on our programs....hope it helps!

Dr. Don

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