10.2 lbs. of weight loss in one week.

Customized Weight Loss

Sounds impressive doesn't it? It should, because it is. Why? Because my program is not a weight loss program, it is a health program!

What is most impressive is that it came 7 weeks into a program and specific protocol. So that does that mean?

It means this was not a gimmick or fad weight loss concept.

It means that this person did not just purge water, intestinal and muscle weight.

It means that although not all of that weight will be fat, a good portion will be due to the 6 weeks of calculated effort that was put in.

And for all those wondering, this was a woman......we all know men can have more rapid initial weight loss and higher starting weight....so, no tricks like that here.

"Yeah Doc, but she was fasting right? Anyone can loose weight when you starve and don't eat anything!"

NO, she was not doing a fast for a week.

The magic that comes in these programs is not the number on the scale, it is the mechanisms and the healing and new physiology that we create in the process. THAT is what leads to the weight loss and health improvements.

Things HAVE to happen BEFORE the scale starts to change. Things like:

Improve parasympathetic tone in the nervous system
Decreasing liver fat and sometimes pancreas fat
Improve cell health and open up hormone receptors
Support healthy hormonal organ function
Fix any gut issues like leaky gut or auto-immune provocation
Train your energy centers to use more efficient fuel....maybe for the first time
Become metabolically flexible
Begin metabolic exercise (ranging from walking to high intensity work)

Running a marathon is impressive. But what is impressive is not simply going from A to B. If that was the goal then we could walk it, or even drive it and just buy the T-shirt and be done.

The benefit of running a marathon is BEING ABLE TO RUN A MARATHON. To be in mental, physical and personal shape to get through it how every you do at your level. The ability to do THAT comes from the months or years of training, discipline, panning, and commitment you put in leading up to that race.

If you know you have health issues like being over weight, poor sleep, low energy or fatigue, chronic pain, digestive issues, thyroid problems, blood sugar over 86, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or anxiety or what have you, then the process is not only harder but absolutely necessary if you want to change any of that.

We all know the what happens when we ignore our health and do nothing.....it gets worse, and worse.

Here's to getting into "metabolic shape" my friends!

You can do this, people do it every day and we have yet to have someone not be able to improve their health dramatically with these sorts of efforts and programs.

See you on the metabolic running trails my friends!

We can do better!

Dr. Don

P.S. Do you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING? Feel like you've been let down? I understand! If you want to see if I can personally help you in your health journey... schedule a call with me and let's discuss what you've been through and where you are now... where you want to get... and how I can help you get there.​ >> CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE PHONE CALL WITH ME <<

Dr. Don Clum

I consult and create custom lifestyle centered strategy programs for people looking to improve their health. My programs are lifestyle centered and we leverage as many areas of a person's lifestyle that they are willing to include, such as:
 Diet and nutrition
, Exercise and physical activity, Stress Resilience
, Sleep enhancement

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