1 Gram of Sugar is All It Takes to Make You Diabetic

That's it, 1 gram.

At any given moment in a healthy person's blood stream there are 5 to 7 grams of sugar....not much. By adding one gram to that amount your blood sugar reading takes you from normal to diabetic.

The guidelines for the healthy management for type 2 diabetes allows for 45 grams of carbohydrates per meal. This is why they see diabetes as a progressive degenerative disease, because they make it so. You can not reverse or manage this issue like that this way, impossible.

This is for adults folks....how many kids ate 40 grams of sugar (nearly 6 times the max amount of sugar in a healthy adults blood) at each meal or snack these last two weeks?

40 grams of sugar:
1 soda
2 pancakes and 2 tbsp of syrup
2.5 small cookies
3 candy canes
1 cup of spaghetti
12 oz of juice

Remember, kids appear metabolically more resilient because they are growing, but the impact of food hits them 3-5 times harder because of it.....even if you do not see it. AND they are molding their immune, hormone, digestive, body composition and nerve systems epi-genetically as they do so that can set their adult health stage permanently.

New Year's resolutions need to include your kids. That means you NEED to LEARN this stuff and how to do it right mom and dad. Not just do something, some fad, or experiment, but invest time, money and effort to learn WHY this is a critical time for you and especially your kids, and HOW to make this a lifestyle. Do this and the WHAT to do will be much easier.

Let us know how we can help.

Dr. Don

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Dr. Don Clum

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